So, my kids are out of school today.

Yeah, I know, big difference from LAST week. We've had, um, NO full weeks in school since we moved here. But anyway --not that I'm bitter --at about 4:00, I sent my husband the following e-mail under the subject line: Metrics.

Waffles toasted: two
Bagel toasted and spread with peanut butter: one
Dogs fed: two
Cats fed: one
Loads of laundry: 10
Beds made: three
Playing Poor People: 1 game
Carpets vacuumed: 3
Rooster wallpaper spotted behind refrigerator: 1

Nervous breakdown by Barb: one (to date)

Rooster wallpaper removed: 1

Threat of upchuck over what was under refrigerator: one
Visit from handyman: 1
Check written as deposit on new cabinets: one
Computer time: 1 hour per girl
Game of spies played with Walkie-Talkies: 1
Tea Party: 1
New clothes tried on: many (Hanna Andersson sale package arrived!)
Dog yelled at for barking: 63,007 times (roughly)
Dishwasher unloaded: twice
Boxes emptied: 2
Game played with pet carriers: 1
Pet carriers left on kitchen table: 1
Times mom had to ask to have it removed: 31,006 (roughly)
Stuffed animal school games: 2
Songs written: six
Songs videotaped without accidentally laughing: five
Chef Surprise cooked: one batch
Ramen cooked: one
Pizza reheated: two slices
Trips to beach: zero
Trips to grocery store: 1
Band-Aids applied to infinitesimal scrapes: one
Number of children limping inexplicably: 2
Times Jane dissolved into screaming and/or crying: three
Tattling: fourteen incidents

Really, a very good day.


Stefanie said…
So, overall a normal day, right?

And what, no playing orphan?
Lynn said…
Boy, this takes me back to the thrilling days of yesteryear!
Barb Matijevich said…
No playing Orphan --now they play Poor People living in boxes in the basement. They don't let me be the Nice Neighbor Lady who gives them snacks now, though. I think I've been fired.

I guess I'm glad that's as close as they've ever come to real poverty, but you'd think they could find a more cheerful game!
Good list - stresses me out just reading it...

I guess that wallpaper is going to haunt you forever!
Barb Matijevich said…
I seriously thought about leaving that little scrap of wallpaper behind the 'fridge. Sort of a little hidden joke, like some painters put in paintings under their lovely landscapes, you know? But when I pulled out the refrigerator, I just couldn't take it. It all had to go.

This might have had something to do with the fact that the hand-man told me that there is no way to fix the drawer in the island because it's made of cheap particle board so we have YET ANOTHER shoddy thing to replace here. And have I mentioned that we still haven't sold our house in Austin?

Anonymous said…
Had to chuckle at your list...and just think summer break is just around the corner! I love the pictures of your new house - girl, you are leaps and bounds ahead of me and I moved in December! I am glad you have already found some good friends. ~michelle
Ei said…
Anon, you are sooo right. She seems to be the mistress of this moving thing. Wow.
dlyn said…
Hi again - glad you found my comment and welcome to NY. I have a feeling you are pretty far away though if you are putting Gerbera daisies outdoors already. I will be sure to check in to see how your adventures up here go.