Wow, a Milestone

So, my blog meter thingy that tells me how many people have visited my blog just passed the 60,000 mark. In just over a year of blogging! How awesome is that?

I think only about 40,000 of those are due to my blood relatives who are forced to come read or to me coming back to reread my own words. (Just being all honest and real and, um, completely lame here.)

Anyway, thank you all so much. I'm still not entirely sure why or what this blogging thing is all about but I really like it and I really love the great people I've gotten to "meet" through it! I'm really honored that you all come to read.



Ei said…
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Ei said…
Um, now I need to edit to be BARB. I probably count for a great number of those hits. I love reading your stuff.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Sixty-thousand is AWESOME. I'm glad you blog because I'm so glad to have met you THROUGH your blog. You are one of my favorite writers and blog-friends.