A Final Horrible Coda

As a sad and horrible coda to my wardrobe malfunction: when we decided to stay at the beach another few days, I threw some laundry into the washer at my MIL's house. My mother-in-law put them in the dryer and hung up the athletic gear and and the swimsuits --stuff that can't be dried.

So, there, in my MIL's laundry room, hanging for all the world to see, was my lacy black thong, lovingly clipped to a clothes hanger by my MIL. Apparently, I'd forgotten to hide it away in some pocket of the suitcase and just tossed it into the laundry as if I wore the damn thing every day.

You can bet that this little incident will have quite the chapter in my autobiography entitled, "My Life Is So Stupid." Followed by a chapter on how I missed a turn on the way home and drove us 30 minutes in the wrong direction. In the rain.

And THEN, just in case I was ever tempted to say anything snarky about my MIL, we got home a little while ago and I unpacked the cooler and THIS was in it:

It's nice to be home, where it is, ahem, threatening to rain.


hokgardner said…
That's not quite as embarassing as having your evangelical southern baptist mother-in-law give you lacy lingere for christmas that you unwrap in front of the entire clan of in-laws! I wanted to die.
ckh said…
This was a laugh out loud moment for me. Thanks!

And to hokgardner - my husband did that to me in front of his entire family, too. It was before we were married and the first time that I met any of them.

N. Maria said…
I am so glad I subscribed to your blog. You are a hoot.
I am, like, sooooo glad I found your blog!
(no, I don't really talk like that!)
Barb Matijevich said…
Oh. Wow. This made me blush! And beam at my computer. Like... I am soooo glad you found my blog!!

I honestly don't know how I got so lucky--I have the best readers on the planet.

Barb--Still beaming
Stefanie said…
Perhaps I can beat someone's story... My aupair gave me a thong for christmas when I was 13. I nearly died when I unwrapped it!!

I think that up there the Rain God has just decided that he'll make it rain on us when we do something wrong (like turn a heel wrong. I blame you. :P )
Karmon said…
Hey Barb! It's me Karmon