Happy Birthday, America

Happy July Fourth! We're celebrating by setting off enough fireworks to light all of Texas on fire--it's legal, here in Alabama.

Actually, I just put the girls to bed so you can know that the story ends happily. Fireworks scare the crud out of me, so I know I always enjoy knowing up front that no one got maimed or put an eye out or blew off four fingers. Call me a wuss.

I know I'm behind in posting about our vacation but I had a serious moment of doubt that anyone would honestly CARE about how many tomatoes I ate or where we slept or any of the gazillion other details that I would love to document here for fear that I will lose them otherwise.

Remind me to tell y'all about red cups. And Sam. And about my foot, which is so frustrating that I am almost in tears. And all about how I think small town America is where we all should be raising our children--well, you know, if we could find decent jobs and schools and produce.

Some pictures. I'll post more when I can but right now Blogger doesn't like me and I'm TIRED and it's taken about three hours to get THIS far with the post. Forgive me:


Damsel said…
Glad ya'll are having a great trip!

Most of the fireworks shows around here were cancelled due to the sogginess of the ground everywhere.

In the second picture, I thought the dog was holding the other side of the grocery bag.

Methinks I should have coffee before reading blogs. :P

We had crazy people doing fireworks here, too. Jet was scared of them, so I finally just took him to bed with us. :(

Glad you and yours are safe!
Heidi Malott said…
I happened across your blog through another artist. Very fun! I will visit again. It's nice to read little details from another mother! Have a great vacation. We are about to head out west, in an OLD RV, for the first time. Hubby, me, 3 kids and the in-laws. (Mental note: bring more wine:) We must be mad! Cheers! ~Heidi
Anonymous said…
I'm not certain that any amount of fireworks could light Texas on fire right now. I want this rain to STOP. As far as small towns go, we'll have to talk sometime about why small southern towns are nice places to visit, but not necessarily to live...;-) Those pics certainly capture the holiday!