The thing that always gets me about parenthood is how unexpectedly FUNNY it is. Today (well, yesterday, since it's after midnight) I overheard the following exchange between my younger daughter, Jane (6), and her little friend Emma. They were playing a very complicated make-believe game involving princesses and babies and evil stepmothers and Emma was ready to quit.

Jane: Please, please? Please can we play a little more?

Emma: No, I don't want to play this game anymore.

Jane: Please? Just a little more?

Emma: No, Jane. I want to play something else.

Jane: But I want to know what happens!

And here's a wonderful Ana-ism from my older daughter Ana, who is 9.

She comes down for a last hug good-night. (I know she's stalling, but I will take it anyway, thank you.) She buries her little face my shirt, breathes in deeply and says, "Ooooh, you smell like Mommy."

This was already very wonderful but I couldn't resist asking, "Like Mommy, huh? What does 'mommy' smell like?"

Ana: Oh, you know, like coffee and Mommy and sweat.


Lynda said…
Kids say the darndest things! I can remember when I first got glasses at about the age your girls are now and the first thing that I told my mom that i could see were how clear the pores were on her face. I guess before that, I was pretty much blind and didn't know it. At least your daughter can recognize you by smell.
Anonymous said…
Hey you. Have you seen this website
Candy said…
ROFLMAO... so much for "awwwww...." huh? Love those little buggers.
Lynn said…
Bet your sweet bippy is from Laugh-In. And let the record show, you are a *very* good writer, and I'm glad that I stumbled onto your column.