Off to Summer Slaughter Camp

This week is a camp week for my girls. Ana (9) is off to swim camp for the first time. It's just a day camp 9:00 - 1:00 and she has a friend in the class. She's a great swimmer and I think she will get a lot of confidence out of going.

So, naturally, I feel like I am sending my lamb to slaughter. The camp counselor took the class off to the pool walking single file and Ana threw a last lost look over her shoulder. She squared her shoulders and walked off to meet her doom.

I called my friend Kathy on the way back home (it's her daughter who is in the class with Ana) and she reminded me that if we don't help our children stretch and step outside of their comfort zones, they will grow up and NEVER LEAVE HOME.

Alrighty then. Point made and taken.

So then it was Jane's (6) turn to go to HER camp, which goes 10:00 - 3:00 all this week. It's a dance camp, a repeat of the one she took last month. She got her things ready and marched right in, after giving me instructions, in her 'I mean business' little CEO voice. "Find me some tap shoes that fit me, please." Yes, Ma'am! Last I saw of her, she was surrounded by a group of girls, showing them her new green M&M purse (a gift from our summer sitter, the fabulous Miss S.)

I turned to leave. There, in the doorway, was a friend and her daughter.

And the daughter looked just like a lamb going off to slaughter. The mom looked at me helplessly, consumed with worry. I smiled and touched her shoulder and pitched my voice so that the little girl could hear what I was saying to her mom. "Hey, how great to see you! Jane took this camp last month and loved it so much that she wanted to come again!"

The mom sighed a huge sigh of relief. "That is really ...GREAT to hear."

We moms of lambs have to stick together.