Why My Husband Is the Greatest Dad Ever

On Friday the 13th, my husband wanted to take Ana (9) to open her first bank account. She couldn't wait, so he took her along with him to a meeting he had and then said that they would go to the bank and get a bite of lunch and then I was going to go get her at his office. He'd call when she was ready.

I got several calls from the two that day but none of them was for me to go get Ana.

At daddy's desk at work. ("Dad, maybe you should have Mom come help you organize your office. She's really good at that.")

Setting up her own little office space at an empty table.

Having lunch with Dad.

At the bank, waiting anxiously.

I got one call that said, "We'll be home after we get haircuts."

Well, after they got haircuts AND Slurpees!

My husband took pictures whenever he thought about it--he knew I'd want documentation of their special day. Not shown: the trip to Lowe's.

When he told me all about their day, I said, "Gosh, can I go to work with you some time?"

Seriously, though, how many of us would KILL to have a day like that with our dads? And he made a memory that she will treasure forever.


Anonymous said…
I used to go to work with my dad. We would travel all over Texas, and he taught me how to install thermostats. :-) One of the (currently few) things I like about my job is that Sage can go to work with me on in-service days. It's a nice perk.
DK said…
That so totally rocks. If I ever find a man crazy enough to marry me, I'm so sending him to Texas for Coop Training Camp.