Hey Edward! Really Bad Timing, Dude!

My stress level is a tad high at the moment.

My husband and I have this sort of stiffish, not really speaking thing going (I know what y'all said about forgiving and forgetting and being the big one (for which I forgive you, really) and all about marital points and all that. But to quote MadMad: We are a match made in strong-willed hell and Dudes, he was way, way wrong. Plus he said some mean things that hurt my tiny feelings. PLUS, okay, maybe I'm a little slow but I am still not even sure what the hell happened.), we MIGHT be moving, I have (here's a shocker) houseguests coming on Friday, I'm still gimpy and fat from my foot surgery, I'm knitting mismatched socks AND if this whole moving thing happens, I have to figure out how to transition my kids into a new school district (after I've identified which one would suit their smart mouths educational needs best), find a house, sell THIS house and pack up all of this plastic crap our worldly goods, including SCOUT The Car-Sick Wonder and get all of us to New York in one piece. And before that all happens, there's Thanksgiving and Christmas and my ten year wedding anniversary to plan for.

So, a few things going on.

If I sit still, I can feel my pulse pounding in my ears.

So you can imagine that as I was sitting here, working away in the silence of my empty house, it came as something of a shock when Edward (seen here looking totally innocent, the big faker)
accidentally managed to step on both the "on" button AND some incredibly loud chord on THIS:.

I wish I could report to you that I didn't almost simultaneously come out of my freaking skin, have complete freaking heart failure, AND almost do a freaking little piddle, but I freaking cannot.

Yep, stress level running a little high. Nobody do anything like THIS to me, okay?


Jennifer said…
Ok, I think we are kindred spirits. I was taking a super short shower (I have 2 under 2 years old) and thought they were safely in the babyproofed living room. Ok, so I've been known to run out when it's too quiet, but today. baby #1, the oh so almost 2 y/o decided to open the stereo cabinet, turn the volume knob up up up up up and before I could figure out what it was, I was convinced there were people in our house because I was hearing loud voices!!!
If I hit MUTE, the second he turns it up, it removes itself from mute and gets really loud again.
Wow, it's a blessing to have my sweet son if I can get through the 2's without heart failure.
N. Maria said…
I'm still laughing at your situation, too, after I visited the other blog you mentioned. LOL
Things always get better - somehow, someway...they do.
Oh, Barb, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. You definitely should take your time before you fakingly apologize - let him feel bad a bit. And November/December are stress-inducing enough, without thinking about (gasp) moving.

I have to go - I have a screaming toddler who doesn't seem to understand that it is no longer Daylight Savings Time and therefore it is not her bedtime.
Suna Kendall said…
Thanks for saying where you might be moving. I didn't want to ask yesterday, since you were in a tizzy. If you said it before, I missed it. Sigh, it was nice having you somewhat nearby, while it lasted.

I hope things calm down. My tizzies tend to spiral like yours.
DK said…
Bad kitty! Bad, bad kitty!

(But he's so cute, though...)

A little dramamine works wonders on carsick puppies, by the way. Throw it in some peanut butter, Scout will be GLAD to be premedicated. And then he'll take a nap for several hundred miles...
Sarahviz said…
Wha? You didn't like my "RAH!"???
MadMad said…
Well, if things keep going this way... perhaps you could cross off planning that 10th anniversary "celebration" from your list of things to do... heh - just kidding.
Anonymous said…
just the thought of moving is stressful, I really hope to be spared any more moves.
I was just sitting here and the dog barked - made me jump - he hardly ever barks so when he does I am so startled.
Can you fit in a nice warm bath tonite - seems like a bit of relax time is needed!