Quick Post and New Earrings

This doesn't count toward NaBloPoMo because I've already posted today but I forgot to remind everyone about the contest ending tonight. So far, I haven't heard a truly great replacement tag line, although a few of them made me laugh out loud. (IntheTrenches suggested "Keeper of the Lead-Infested Toys.") So, please put your thinking caps on because I need help! And we all know the world revolves around me me me me.

On a totally different subject, hokgardner and I went and checked out a new Austin yarn store today. It's called "The Knitting Nest" and it was very cool and not quite as overwhelming as some jam-packed yarn stores are. I got out of there with only one skein--so proud of myself. (And honestly, I NEEDED it because Jane actually ASKED me to knit her some new socks and she wants pink ones and I didn't have any pink yarn.) But, true confession time, I did buy some earrings. Look:

(And just be very glad I didn't upload the picture where you could see all the way up my nose --this taking pictures of oneself is a dangerous thing.) Anyway, I bought the last pair at the store but they are handcrafted in Roswell, Georgia by whoever it is who makes Sassafras Creations. They are very reasonably priced and would make a nice trinket for the Obsessed Knitter in your life. (In my case, that would be me.) I'm not affiliated in any way with Sassafras but I just liked the earrings and thought you'd want to know. I'm so giving that way.


hokgardner said…
And they have really cool keyrings, also made from old knitting needles. I am now the proud owner of one.
Sarahviz said…
Ooohh ooohhh I thought of another one!
"Keeper of the Keys to the Liquor Cabinet"!
Barb Matijevich said…
I hate to say this, but that would actually probably be ANA. Both of my children have been known to look at us as we're pouring wine and fall to their knees, BEGGING us not to "poison" ourselves. I always say, "Poison myself or start beating you, you decide."

Well, okay, actually I usually say, "Everything in moderation. Except, any drugs whatsoever and all sex before you're 30. Those things really ARE poison. No, really."
Suna Kendall said…
I still haven't made it down there to the Knitting Nest--maybe over the holiday weekend. Glad you bought the last earrings so I won't be tempted. Whenever I lose a contract I hate the "not buying yarn until I get another job" part.
Nice earrings. And you're not like me - I would have saved it for tomorrow, in case I couldn't think of anything to write then. I guess you don't need to worry about that.

Mother. Writer. Lunatic.

Mother. Writer. Candlestick Maker.

Mother. Writer. Time Waster.

Mother. Writer. Blogger Extraordinaire.

Mother. Writer. Compulsive Blogger.

None of these are good. Sorry. But they might trigger an idea for you.
Anonymous said…
Keeper of the WHINE.
DK said…
Ooooh, those are wicked cool!

I'm still all over "Herder of Cats."
Annabanana said…
I love those earrings! How clever. And your posts lately just have more light in them - I can tell the move will be a good one. Come stop by my brand new blog sometime...you've inspired me!
Debbie Miller said…
Hmmmm...Ive got all boys so all I can think of is ...keeper of the victorias secret catalog..or ...fish food.
I'll check back to see what you come up with
Anonymous said…
OK, so my first thought was "Keeper of the Needles", but that doesn't have such positive connotations. Really, truly, though, Barb, you are "Keeper of the Home". (But now that is starting to sound to me like you run an assisted-living facility....never mind.)
Stefanie said…
I saw those earrings when I went and I wanted them a lot!! They're so cute! (and perfect for you!)
Squirrel said…
How about:

Mother. Writer. Aficionado of the little things.
Anonymous said…
I'm behind the times this week - just finished a lace scarf for cousins 50th bd over Thanksgiving we share a party

I still vote for keeper of memories