I have so much to tell my blog but I've been struggling to find some uninterrupted time to sit and write. It's very difficult to sit and blog in the middle of a group of people, I've discovered. Even the nicest group. Which is why my last two blog entries have sounded like I wrote them underwater. (Sorry.) I didn't want to just take a break from posting because of NaBloPoMo (which I do realize is sort of a dumb reason to post drivel), but I hadn't anticipated the effect my entire family has upon my ability to sustain a coherent thought long enough to write it down. (Well, that and the amount of wine that's been flowing.) It would be interesting to test this group for ADHD --and I include myself in the number to be tested. I mean, all of the digressions to which I succumb on a normal day can't just be a coincidence, right? Because honestly, my entire family TALKS in digressions.

I went to yoga class with my mom today. Just me and ten senior citizens at the Senior Center. Dudes, my mom is a total bad ass at this stuff! Seriously. The instructor was this tiny, beautiful Indian woman, reportedly the same age as my mother and about six zillion times more flexible than I am. She kept saying, "Reel-ex." The class was an hour and a half long and she played these CDs of chants that were oddly peaceful and lovely. It was like listening to someone meditate, if you can sort of imagine that. I did pretty well at it (the instructor even said I was "very flexible.") (I tried to not hear her mentally adding "for a fat girl" onto the end of the compliment, because I am trying to speak more gently and kindly to myself these days.) Anyway, I felt so... centered and "reel-exed" at the end of it that I came back to the house and told my husband that as soon as I get back home, I'm going to sign up for a class. Probably NOT at the local Senior Center, although it was sort of fun to be the youngest member of the class.

Okay, so we're taking the kids to see "A Christmas Carol" tonight and then we leave for home tomorrow. My mom is going to drive back to Austin with us and help me take a crack at the initial decluttering of my house. Pray for me, and Coop's collection of concert t-shirts dating back to his teenage years.


Ei said…
Go stretchy girl! :)
I actually get free yoga classes once a week, because I have the job of bringing in flowers for the foyer and changing and laundering the bathroom towels at the center. Which makes me sound like a dedicated yogini, but really the people at the center are just super-nice to me. I think they're freaked out by the 6 kids. I've been going there for over 10 years, with many lengthy sabbaticals for pregnancies and newborns. And I'm way worse at it than I was, say, 8 years ago. I mean, I know my goal is progress, not perfection - but what if I'm not even making progress? What am I doing it for? I don't know.
N. Maria said…
Yoga is a good thing. I need to quit looking at my tape every day and just DO it. My excuse? I don't have a yoga mat. :)
I just saw a show where they took a huge collection of t-shirts and made a quilt from the fronts and backs. I believe they also make pillows.