Are You All Tired of All This Yet? Part 1

This is another post about packing and moving. And partying. And eating. And stalking. You can watch TV if you get bored... (Name that movie. Anyone?)

First off, here is my swatch before felting:

And here it is AFTER felting:

It's like alchemy or something. Totally different thing after washing. Magic.


Friday was the kids' last day at their school. I was up there four times and cried at three of them.

At the school, there is this very sophisticated visitor registration program where they scan in your driver's license and then each time you go to the school, you sign in on a computer and state your purpose. Most sane parents select "Classroom" as their purpose for being at the school. All year long, I've done this subversive thing where I chose really silly/ blatantly false reasons for being at the school.
No one has noticed. At my second to last visit yesterday, I finally succumbed and admitted what I really needed...

And then we had a party to empty out our kitchen. It may just have been my favorite party ever.

But I cried a lot. So it was really good I forgot to wear make-up.

Except that my stalker came by for a vist and there I was, looking all frumpy and without make-up and DUDES, would it be so much to be looking my best when my stalker came by?

Because she's spectacularly beautiful.

And okay, not really a stalker.

(But I just love saying that.)

She's someone who has read my column for years and years and now has subscribed to the blog and moved to Austin. (Her move to Austin has nothing to do with me. Honestly. Because you KNOW I'd claim it if I could.) Anyway, we had exchanged several e-mails and were trying to get together for lunch but things have been so crazy for us that, when she read I was having a clean out my kitchen party, she stopped by on her way home.

Honestly, I have never been so flattered in all my life.

I just wish I felt more worthy.

Anyway, here she is. Her name is Anne.

Isn't she beautiful? Thank you, Anne for (almost) stalking me. You made my day.

And then there were goodbyes:

I'm okay. Sort of.



Bon Voyage! When do you actually get on that plane? Have the animals all been moved already?
DK said…

Felting really is magic. I can't believe you've never felted before! Felted bags are some of my very favorite things. And those ubiquitous Fiber Trends clogs - oh, my word. To die for. I had a pair at the shop I used to wear and they were the best things ever. I should've stolen them when I quit.
Barb Matijevich said…
We fly all four pets up to New York at dark-thirty on Thursday. movers come Monday to pack what we haven't packed and they load and leave on Tuesday. Which leaves Wednesday to clean and handle any other last minute arrangements like finding a pool service and getting another shot in the nerve of my foot.

I'm ready now. The goodbyes are kind of killing me.

Mon said…
I'm glad you got to meet your "almost" stalker. You are in for an adventure now. The last few days are really weird, and I know I didn't move nearly as far as you are going to, but when I drove my truck out of the Bay Area for the last time, pulling my U-Haul trailer with my son and my kitty in the backseat, it was hard not to wonder what was ahead. But in hindsight, it was the best thing I could have done for my life and my regrets here really, but I still get a pang of homesickness from time to time...

Bon Voyage..and I'll be looking forward to reading you on the flip side of the country!
TheOneTrueSue said…
Well, I'M not tired of the posts. For obvious reasons.

And even if I weren't getting ready to start moving, what you are writing is real, and I always like reading the real stuff.

Your hug pictures got me, made me do a bit of pre-move sniffling.
hokgardner said…
I'm sorry I missed the party. My grandmother died on Friday, and I just couldn't get myself up and out for a party. Especially not a farewell party.
DK said…
Still don't remember the movie, btw. Although there was a similar line in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
So, you're showing up at your new place on Easter Weekend? Oh, my...I hope the Easter Bunny finds you!
Anonymous said…
Just keep telling yourself that you're not just saying goodbye, you're also preparing to say hello to a whole new group of friends. And the North Shore of Long Island is a wonderful place to be.

I think I remember that you like wine? Make sure that one of your early weekends includes a wine tasting trip to the vineyards of the North Fork.

And another weekend should include a trip into the city with your girls. Try the Children's Museum on West 82nd (I think). Cafe Lalo, is probably still open across the street, and their desserts will make you completely FORGET about what you've left behind.

Also, take the girls to the American Girl store and cafe, and the Natural History Museum. (The latter is within walking distance of the Children's Museum and Cafe Lalo.)

And there are literally DOZENS more wonderful things to do, besides getting to know the town and neighbors.

You'll love it in this neck of the woods, I'm sure of it.
Anonymous said…
O.K. so here's the thing my friend. How the hell do you do all this? I know you're like super-mom/super-wife/super-friend but you're moving in a week (less than) and you're knitting and throwing a party....???

You seriously blow me away.
ckh said…
What she said. And you look terrific. I just love your haircut and have been thinking of doing it to my own in a MWF sort of thing. (Married White Female, not Monday Wednesday Friday.) I can't decide if I'm going to donate to locks of love yet... (Copycat that I am.)

The felting does look magical. I think it did it once to a sweater when I was in high school. I didn't think it was so magical then.

And I'm sorry about your grandmother, Hokgardener.
Mrs.Q said…
Good luck!

I'm glad to see you're so receptive to near-stalkers. Coz I might just make it out to New York one day. If I can ever stop spending money on yarn - at least, long enough to save up for a plane ticket.
MadMad said…
Awww. This is sad. And awesome. It must be sooo hard!