The Great Cooper Move, Days 3 and 4

Well, no, that's not really true. I am about to fall down I am so tired. Plus I have a cold.

But I wanted y'all to know that we made it safely and that Sydney was actually the best adjusted of all of the animals.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recounting of my first hour on the East Coast and how we spent it slinging feces out of Scout's crate --honestly, it was a good thing that I came down with this cold and couldn't smell everything in technicolor. Because what I COULD smell? Wooooo---heeeee, mercy--nobody light a match.

Howdy, New York. I hope y'all have battened down the hatches because it appears that the Coopers have arrived.


Anonymous said…
Yay! I've been thinking about you all week... glad you made it safely!
Welcome to the East Coast - you'll love it here!
Anonymous said…
Phew! You made it!

Phoo-whee! Dog poop? Ewww!

Glad you got there in one piece. This is going to be such an interesting new phase in your life. Much blog fodder!
Ei said…
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying Barb. That is quite the visual you just delivered.

Sleep tight. Catch ya' on the flip side.
LaDonna said…
Get some rest and use some Zicam! But not until AFTER Scout's kennel has completely aired out! Glad to hear the Cooper adults and pets have made it to the East Coast!

Stay warm!
Annabanana said…
I'm so happy you are in your new home with all the pets...the girls will be there in no time and what an adventure you will all have!

DK said…
Glad you're there and safe and it figures Scout would be a stress pooper, doesn't it?

Mon said…
I was thinking about you all day yesterday, and it sounds like you survived so that is great...I can't wait to read the details of your journey!

Welcome Home!!!!
Anonymous said…
Welcome to NY!
Amanda said…
Welcome to the East Coast!