You(se) Guys...

Dear You.

I just don't know what to say. Every day I marvel that you come to read. But TODAY... well, today, I just feel so... well, you know. Supported.



By people who are (mostly) unrelated to me by blood.

This is an amazing and wondrous thing.

Yesterday, I said to my husband in utter frustration, "Is it just not possible for our children to do SOMETHING in moderation? Must they be so freaking obsessive/compulsive about EVERYTHING?"

And he said, "Blog much?"

Well, touche', MoFo.

But see, then you guys do this campaign of well wishes and hope for my kitty and I realize that this blogging thing builds a village that raises a mother. And frankly, I think I am doing an okay job of handling the stress of this move from Texas to New York and all, but sometimes, I just need that unconditional support. Jane has gotten into e-mail lately and she wrote me one a few days ago that said, "Mom, I will always, always love you. Even when you yell at me."

I'm so grateful that y'all feel the same. Even though, um, we're still missing one orange and floppy kitty and even though I'm so, so sad about it.


You'll find him. Didn't you ever read The Incredible Journey?
Mrs.Q said…
I know 'zackly what you mean. (Well, without the kids and the big move and the being a mother thing.)Even so.

I know 'zackly what you mean.

And you know, at one point or another (usually after a move!) all of our cats have gone missing for a few days. Just long enough to figure out that we had good neighbours.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Eddie V., come home! I've been checking in compulsively too.
Maybe try the opened can of albacore tuna? (Laced w/catnip?)
Here's hoping he finds his way back to you soon.
DK said…
You know we're here for you. Always, always, always.

I'll keep an eye out for Eddie down here. Maybe he came down for the warmer weather.
N. Maria said…
Oh, I am so sorry Edward hasn't come home, yet. Don't forget to check out the Animal Shelter. You never know if someone found/trapped him and took him there. :)
Karen said…
I keep my kleenex near when I come to your blog, all prepared for the tears of JOY when I see the header "HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It will come.
Mokihana said…
I too keep coming here, hoping and praying I will read "He's home!". Don't give up.

We really are a kind of family here. Kinda like where I'm from, calabash cousins. Which is anyone you share your poi calabash with.

I'm sorry you haven't found Edward yet. But I can't help feeling you will.
LaDonna said…
Well if that wasn't just the biggest cyberhug you could have sent, Barb! :) I know I told you this once before, but I come here day after day because I need the reassurance that it's not just is crazy everywhere. And you're brand of crazy is right up my alley, girl!

Yes, lately, I'm also drawn here to find out if your dear Edward has found his way back to his family. I'm still sending him "go home" vibes!