Still in Eighth Grade

Okay, so I have this new friend. She lives on my street but as luck would have it, she and her family are moving some time this summer. Still, it's one of those connections (on my part--which I realize can look a lot like stalking to normal people) that makes me feel like I've met someone to whom I was related in another lifetime. Her name is Lin and she's just... well, so cool that I would like for her to quit her job and hang out and play with me all day.

Like, if I won the lottery, I'd pay for her to do just that. (Note to self: find out if New York has a lottery so I can forget to play it here, too.) (Sigh.)

Anyway, she's just really nice and I'm so glad to have met her. And she's already invited me to a Pilates class at her house tomorrow night. As you all know, since I have described to everyone's utter nauseum, I am so ready to get back into shape and lose some of this excess weight. I just hope... you know, that I don't ... pass gas or something. Have something in my nose. Have a heart attack and require a defibrillator.

Because, apparently, for me, eighth grade is an infinite experience. Some day I really do hope to go to high school.


Still no Edward kitty --two weeks today since he went missing. We DID catch a very upset raccoon in the trap, though. And we spread more fliers. I am trying to hold on to hope. It's a weird thing to be missing him--a low level pain that I am aware of all the time but it's not totally incapacitating, you know? Like someone amputated my pinkie finger. Hurts. But it's not fatal.

I hope.
More tomorrow about how much time I've been spending with roosters and why this makes me say incredibly foul my mind. Honestly, if I never see another rooster in my life, it will be too soon. Much less one who looks like he COULD be wearing a top hat.


Mon said…
I love finding new friends like that, it's always magical. I'm sorry about Edward, I keep hoping that the next post will be the news of his return.

Hang in there.
DK said…
How's Syd holding up?

New friends are cool. And you know the old Irish proverb, the road to a friend's house is never long.
Anonymous said…
Not that I'm not totally jealous of your new friend, because, well, you know...I'm also still in 8th grade but I'm not one of the cool kids. Anyways, over the weekend I was thinking that it would be nice to hear about what you are really excited about living in New York. Like, you want to take cooking classes so you can really use that fabulous new kitchen or you're exciting about having a "new friend" or...I don't know. What are you really thrilled about or looking forward to, because I could really use some vicarious living through you.
Ei said…
I am also one who is still in the 8th grade, but I'm the skulky girl in the backrow mad because the cheerleaders will NEVER like me and so I'm going to pretend like I don't want them to like me anyway.

I think your way is probably better. I'm glad you met someone nice on your block.

I hope we see some new "curled toe" pictures very soon. Edward is the really reliable engine, Edward...please stop making us worry :(
TheOneTrueSue said…
How much did I love the column you linked to? SO SO MUCH. I've often felt like that. Heck, I've often DONE that. Making a new friend is just like having a crush on someone. You like them, you think they might like you, but you aren't sure how to take it to the next level and still be cool.

(I mean that in the non-lesbian way of course.) (Notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat.)

And I'm so, so sorry about Edward. I've been knee-deep in boxes and newspaper, but I've been reading along and my heart just aches for you. I'm praying he'll come back. I forced my three year old to pray he'd come back too. (I figure he's closer to God or something - he probably has more pull.)