The Great Cooper Move, Day 2

I'm fuzzy on this whole good and bad thing but I think that maybe it's not a good thing when the movers start SIGHING when they see another pile of stuff that needs to be packed and loaded. I mean, that just doesn't seem like the most POSITIVE sign that the move is going well.

Also, when your big fat kitty Thomas doesn't have a bed to hide under any longer? That's not so good. And when your husband takes a look at the amount of stuff that needs to be taken to the dump and says, "Maybe we can borrow a bigger van." Not such a good sign. And when you suddenly realize that you've neither forwarded your mail, nor cancelled your newspaper... just after you've packed the last telephone? That's not such a good sign that things are going off without a hitch. Also? When you ask the driver how your load compares to that of other families and he says, "Well, anyone who can fill up a truck has got a pretty big load."? Not so good.

Like, um, when they drive your mini-van up onto the moving truck and the thinnest guy in the bunch has to drive the van onto the moving truck because he's the only one who can get out of the car once it's on the truck --well, that might mean you've got TOO MUCH FREAKING STUFF.

But when you find a package of Girl Scout cookies that miraculously escaped being packed? Everybody feels a LOT better.

Well, okay, maybe that's just me.

There it goes... all of our worldly possessions on one truck headed for New York.

Anyone else think that's just the weirdest thing ever??


Lynn said…
It's not just you; Girl Scout cookies make *everything* better. This from the woman who finished off her Samoas yesterday.
DK said…
It's totally not just you. Girl scout cookies are a panacea. And yeah, I know that feeling, and it IS the weirdest thing ever.
At least it went smoothly. We had one move of legend in our neighborhood where the husband decided to back the minivan into the truck himself and something happened (not clear on that part) which resulted in the van hanging off the back end of the truck with him inside. Everyone still talks about it.

It's very unmooring to have your stuff gone, right? And all those stupid little details to remember! Yikes! You better rustle up some more Girl Scout cookies.
hokgardner said…
Every move B and I have ever done has involved lots of trips with our stuff in the backs of friends' pick-up trucks and vans. It would seem very strange to me to have everything gone in one truckload.

And don't you know it was some sort of cosmic event that let the girl scout cookies not get packed.
Ei said…
The 'skinniest guy' thing cracks me up. But I'm twisted like that.

Yeah, I had that day of seeing everything we owned all packed up in a moving truck and it honestly is the weirdest thing ever.

Hugs. Congrats on the Girl Scout Cookies. Truly a wonderful break.

(If you didn't find out already, you can change your mail, etc, on line for like a dollar...don't know about the newspaper, but the online thing sure helped me during my last move.)
Mrs.Q said…
I found a package of Girl Guide cookies the other day that I had totally forgotten about. It made my day. I haven't even opened them yet - just knowing I have them there in case of an emergency is so comforting.

My beasties want me to tell you they're sending your beasties happy thoughts. They know how weird a move can be for the animal members of the family, and they wish yours luck.
LaDonna said…
Oh, I have such clear memories of loading the moving van. It does feel a bit violating when you have someone else pack your stuff, though, doesn't it? Hmmmm...

Oh, the US Postal Service web site allows you to set up mail forwarding and change of address right on their site now!!! How cool is THAT??? I was completely amazed that the USPS finally discovered the 21st century!

And whooo hooo for the GS cookies!
Lynda said…
Having driven for the same company that moved all of your worldly possesion, there are some people that need more than one truck and that's without having the mini van in the moving there ya go. You don't have all that much stuff.

Finding girl scout cookies...what a treat and a way to take the edge off.

Hope you all are settling in and enjoy your new home.
Kathy said…
Hope it was a box of Thin Mints! Miss you already! Love, Kathy