When in Doubt, Throw A Party

Today I completely lost my mind and sent out the following to the same group of folks who usually come to our New Year's Eve Party:

Under the Subject Line: A Party to End the Longest Goodbye Ever

Okay, okay, I know we said we were moving to New York and by now I'm sure you're thinking, "Gosh, would they please just GO already?" And we really and truly ARE! We've spent weeks--months even--saying our goodbyes, the house is almost sold and somewhat packed up, the movers are scheduled to come on Monday and suddenly it hit me: Dudes, my freezer is FULL and I can't take that with me.

So, there is one last party in the offing --the oddest party ever!

Clean Out the Cooper Kitchen
Friday, March 7th, from 4:00 PM on (Come and go as you please. Bring your children and we promise to feed them pizza or something that won't seem as odd as bacon and brie.)

Because where else can you have cake sprinkles, Swedish meatballs and lasagna? Anyone up for enchiladas and black beans and pickles? Pesto and mustard and an entire array of other condiments? Perhaps you've been craving some whipped cream cheese cake frosting with a side of sausage?

Please forward to anyone I've left off the list of the usual suspects (especially any pregnant woman) and please let me know if you're coming because the only thing I am buying for this party is BEER and I'd hate not to have enough.

love you guys,

PS: No bon-voyage presents because honestly, if I have to pack one more thing, I will CRY.

(Clever demarcation of subject change)

Lasts for Today:

1. Last filling my van up with gas in Austin, Texas.
2. Last Wednesday my kids will go to school at their elementary school.

Things I thought were lasts but turn out to probably be second to lasts:

1. Trip to Hill Country Weavers. My mom and I went and I got stuff to make felted slippers. (I don't know what came over me--I think it was the yarn fumes.) My mom bought yarn to make a sweater and she's already knit most of the front of the thing and is already thinking she might need to buy one or two more skeins of the yarn so we might be going back tomorrow. In which case this will be the first time that I thought was a last time to do something but which proved to be second-to-last.

2. Trip with the kids to our beloved pediatrician. Each girl had a shot and Ana had her finger pricked. Both girls had to pee in a cup and were weighed and measured. (Jane's Body Mass Index (BMI) is 15.3. Lance Armstrong's is 22.8.) (Apparently, the state of New York wants to know what my kids' BMIs are. Maybe if they were fatter, they'd be rejected or something? Whatever.) At any rate, we thought we were all done with shots and medical stuff but Dr. Reidy called me this evening to tell me that she was reviewing Ana's chart and it turns out Ana's never had the chicken pox vaccine booster. As much as New York doesn't want fat kids in its schools? It doesn't want fat kids with chicken pox even more. So Ana has to go back in for another shot on Monday. Better here by the best pediatrician I've ever known than by a brand new doctor in New York, right? (Work with me here.)

Off to bed. I'm sure there will be more lasts that are really second to lasts in the first place tomorrow.


Damsel said…
Mmmm.... FROSTING. Yummy. :P
Lynn said…
If my right knee were up to driving from Foat-Wuth-Ah-Luv-Yew, and if there were not a singles' dance on Friday night and an all-day dance class on Saturday, I'd come down and say howdy. You wouldn't even have to feed me. So glad to have discovered your blog, all those months ago, and so glad that you'll still be writing from Yankeeland. Blow kisses at Hill Country Weavers for me, would you?
Tarun Kumar said…
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Unknown said…
Yah, great "blog article" (rolling my eyes).

What will Barb's posts be like in New York? Will she be different, more...New Yorky? Hum.

I love your freezer cleaning party idea.
Barb Matijevich said…
Yeah, I'm going to be doing a LOT of decorating. If you like a moving box theme, I'm your main woman.

And yet the poster of that comment? His/her site is all about global warming so I'm not deleting that comment. Plus he/she had to do the word verification thing and I believe in rewarding extreme efforts...even if it's to try to sell me something.

Well, soemtimes. Don't anybody get any ideas.
ckh said…
Those chicken pox boosters HURT! I had mine when my oldest had hers - you know, to show her how brave I can be - well, gosh it hurt worst than I could have imagined. And while I pretended not to feel pain, my six-year-old kicked the nurse in an all out FIGHT to avoid the inevitable. Horray for modern medicine. Bring a lollypop.
Anonymous said…
Even though you didn't send me an invite, I checked. $4000 for me to show up tomorrow (after a 10 HOUR flight) and leave on Saturday. Oh MY!

Good news is, it will be so much easier to hop on a plane and visit shortly.

Have a great party!
Barbara said…
Good luck with the move. It just seems like yesterday you said you might be moving - and now you are.
Sorry we're too far away to help empty your freezer but have fun, always have fun.
DK said…
Hmm. Sounds like our regular intern diet.

You know, as a recent fat kid with the chicken pox, I kind of agree with them. At least on the Viracella booster.