Dumb as a Box of Hair

Last night, after the movers had dumped all of our stuff in our new house and the cats had been shut in a bathroom all day to keep them from getting underfoot, I let them out of the bathroom and fed them and then, because I am NOT BRIGHT, let Edward go outside.

Edward had been extremely vocal in his displeasure at being shut in said bathroom. Like, the movers kept asking if he was hurt or something.

So, um, the cat was majorly cranky, you know what I'm saying?

I let him out, despite my husband's warnings to "grab him, quick!", because I am not only stupid, I am also really arrogant and think I know better than everyone on the planet. This has NEVER proven true when it comes to my marriage and yet I persist in thinking that I am RIGHT, dammit. I probably rolled my eyes at the guy.

Only this time? I was NOT right. Just like every other time.

And Edward disappeared and hasn't been seen since.

This is the same cat who disappeared in the summer when I (HELLO WORLD, I NEVER LEARN, PLEASE TRY TO SELL ME ANOTHER AUDI FOX) let Edward out even though it was clear he was ill. He was gone two days that time.

It's been 24 hours now. I've been a lunatic all day, running around the back yard and calling "Kitty, kitty, kitty!" in falsetto. Not to mention getting up every hour last night to check to see if he'd come home. And unpacking as many boxes as I possibly could because I'm going to retrieve my children from their grandparents' house where they've been forced to endure a non-stop stream of field-trips, parties, movies, and shopping, etc.

Coop got up on alternate half hours with me last night, despite his enormous work day today and without ever once complaining or saying, "I told you so" or any other horrible backlash to which he was undeniably entitled.

One bit of good news is that when we went out to put fliers (flyers?) in the neighbors' mailboxes, someone/something had a little smackeral of cat food from the can I'd left on the back porch. Coop said, "Well, maybe you've got yourself an outdoor cat now."

I hope this time he's not right.

Not just because it's supposed to be 30 degrees tonight but also, I miss my cuddle kitty and I miss my Edward draped artistically all over the furniture and I miss him because he loves me and I miss him because my imagination is too vivid when it comes to the possibilities of why he's still gone, which include the idea that maybe he's headed back to Texas. I hope not. Because the rest of the Coopers are here to stay.

Pray, okay? Because I really don't want to fly to Dallas tomorrow with the news that our beloved kitty is gone and it's all my fault.


Mrs.Q said…
Prayers en route, fingers (and paws) crossed...and a happy-ending story: When we moved into our current apartment two years ago, our diva tortie went missing just a day or two after we got here. Got scared off by the big dogs upstairs. There are coyotes in the area, and a pair of Very Big bald eagles. Not encouraging.

We put up fliers (flyers?) all over the 'hood, and within a day, people were calling to say they'd seen her around. A day or so later, someone called to say she had taken to hanging out in their yard, sunning on their front stoop. They were feeding her, and they were pretty sure their neighbours on either side were, too.

I found her on their steps, little princess-faced "what took you so long?" expression and all. Not only did we find her safe and sound - we also discovered that we were in a great neighbourhood. I wish both for you.

Have you talked to local vets? That was the first thing the SPCA suggested to us.

Waiting anxiously for an update.
Mon said…
Oh Barb..that is terrible, and it makes you crazy, but I've had more than one cat go MIA during a move, and still find them. I'll totally keep my fingers crossed.

I came over here to tag you for a meme...but don't even worry about it until you get settled and find Edward.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Oh NO! We will definitely keep your kitty in our prayers. I hope he shows up asap. I'm so sorry...
This may be a great way to get to know the neighbors. Good luck! Don't you like unpacking? It's sort of like Christmas, opening all those boxes. Then again, maybe I am just easily entertained.
Tenna Draper said…
I hope you find your kitty. Ours ran between my feet while I was checking the outside to make sure there were no critters, prepping to let the dog out, and hubby opened the bathroom door at the same time, where the cats were locked in while we were moving.

She was a ragdoll, and they have no defenses. She ran out into the night, and I never saw her again. Praying HARD for the safe return of Edward. Scrunching up my face
Ei said…
You know I don't really pray but I'll do a ritual sacrafice of some spaghetti for Edward to come home to his lady who loves him enough to respect his ability to know that home is where his lady is. Luff to you and yours and hope the trip to retreive the girls goes very well. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
My cat did that too. She came home the next day and looked at me like "what are you so freaked out about?" He'll come home. Does he have a micro-chip? if not, get him one when he comes home.
Amanda said…
Barb, fingers crossed for Edward! Hopefully he's just gone to ground for a short while and will pop back up safe and sound.
Annabanana said…
Awww crap...I'm sorry - don't beat yourself too badly - it happens to all of us. I'll be sending GO HOME vibes to Edward, he's going to love the new house once he gets back. Safe journey to you today, too, and enjoy the joy of the girls homecoming!
LaDonna said…
Awwww, Barb! I'm so sorry to hear that poor Edward has strayed again! I'm in Dallas (well, Irving really) for work this week (so wave my direction when you're here!) and I'm thinking of you!

Did your flight make it here with the rain??? Holy cow, you guys get alot of rain here!!!
Rene Perez said…
Oh no. I'll keep my eyes open for him in case he comes back here. :-( My cat got out and was missing for 12 days. I hope Edward gets back home ASAP!!!
DK said…
He'll come home. He will. Who feeds him? He's exploring, and he'll come home and snuggle up and tell you all about it.
MadMad said…
Oh, no! I'll keep my fingers crossed that he was just exploring the new area - our cat did the same when we first moved; maybe it's just check out the neighborhood kind of thing. And everything is too new and fun to come home.