Austin Family Humor --July 2007

So, I finally had to write publicly about my obsession with knitting and socks.

Click here for my monthly humor column in Austin Family Magazine.

These links are only good for a month because the magazine doesn't keep archives of itself, so if you are reading this after July, 2007, the link won't work. If I can learn how to do a screen capture, I'll post it...


Amanda said…
thanks to a graphics enabled husband, I emailed you a screen shot in TIFF format. Let me know if you need it in a JPG or a PDF instead.

Great article! I'm known aroundmy little town, thanks to a KIP article last month, as the Famous Knitting Lady. Which gives me free rein to knit wherever I want!

it's also inspiring people to give me yarn that they're not using, and that just can't be a bad thing.
Lynn said…
Screen capture on my computer = ALT + PRINT SCREEN. However, if what I'm wanting to capture is longer than one screen's depth, I don't know how to save that.

Read your "rain" comment on the Harlot's blog today. Waving hello from a little further north of you.
Stefanie said…
I picked up the Austin Family when I was at Whole Foods with my friend, and I pointed to the column and said, "I babysit for this crazy lady."

(Haha, I'm just kidding about the crazy bit.)
Anonymous said…
Love the column! I do not relate to the sock thing. I am one of the scarf and hat people...mindless stuff that doesn't take away from the brain power that I am hoarding. I do understand about the yarn. I once sold 100 skeins of leftover yarn on eBay. Leftover!
austim said…
Here's some knitting ideas for you.

Good stuff and there's something for every fashion era so you'll always be in style.

Hope y'all are having a good trip. Sharon and I have been reading your blog, funny stuff.