I believe in SPF. Oh, my, yes I do.

We went to the beach today and I learned four things.

Unfortunately, I only remember three of them.

One is that I had this HUGE revelation when we got to the beach! My foot has really improved since our last visit to the beach --seriously. There's a big difference and we were just here in the third week of July. So, in just a little over a month, I have really made some strides (pun!) in the recovery and rehab of things. I'm so grateful, I could almost cry, seriously. I guess when the improvement is so incremental, it never feels like progress. But last time, I tried to walk into the water and it was very painful. Today? NO PAIN! I'm so excited. And grateful --did I mention grateful??

Another thing is that it's important to take out a bag of trash from the beach area --not only your trash but a bag of other people's trash.

Do it in the name of Jack Jenkins, our environmentalist neighbor who was so tragically killed in a car accident two weeks ago. In all we do to love our Earth, we also honor his spirit. I think it's important.

And my final (that I remember--I've had some rum and cokes...) point that I remember is this: I really, really embrace the concept of sun protection. In fact, it turns out that I just really, REALLY feel STRONGLY that my husband should wear a rash guard shirt. REALLY important for the enjoyment of all.

I think it's important to take a stand on some things and this is mine.

Who knew that I could feel so strongly?

Oh, my, yes, indeedy.


Anonymous said…
Hubba Hubba.

Nice legs too. Cyclists have nice legs.

Sorry... that's your husband I'm gawking at.
Barb Matijevich said…
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It's nice to gawk at the one you love. They like it for some reason.

We're off to the beach today too - where it will not be raining, but will be 100+ by 11 am.

I've really got to remember not to make promises to the kids after having wine at dinner.
Anonymous said…
I clicked out of my feeder to complain about there not being any pics of hubby and there they were!

Do you mind if I link to you?

Also, I'm headed to Austin sometime in the next month--we need to do coffee!

Congrats on the new and improved walking!

~Michelle in Nowhere, Texas.
Annabanana said…
great news about your foot, Barb! And I totally agree with you about the rash shirt on M. it's a nice look, much better than blue dress shirt and khaki's I remember mostly. :-)