The Queen of Phlegm

Okay, there's supposed to be a video here somewhere and it's missing. But then hokgardner left a message on the blog about the video but I can't see it! All of this is making my head hurt and making me want to make a Blogger VooDoo doll. Please ignore this post, along if you see a video!

Greetings from the Cooper Clubhouse, where I have been amusing myself, in addition to coughing like a four-pack-a-day smoker, with singing a variety of songs while substituting the word "phlegm" into the lyrics. (You know, for someone as squeamish as I am about bodily functions and the words that describe them, I have no problem with the word, "phlegm." Inconsistency, thy name is Barb.) Remember that Monty Python song about Spam?

It's perfect for this type of gross substitution. If the idea of Spam doesn't make you sick, the idea of phlegm certainly might. Another good one is The Police's The King of Pain.

Okay, I'll get off that subject.

I just don't feel so great. I "googled" walking pneumonia because my friend down the street had it and she definitely had the fatigue thing going in a big way but I don't have a fever or anything. Just a chesty cough and an excess of that ph-word. And I'm soooo tired, even though I feel like I've slept away the weekend. It's a good thing my husband is leaving town while I'm sick, huh? Who knows what kind of remodeling I could have done in his absence this time if I felt well.

I don't seem to be able to even knit, which is very depressing. I did watch The Muppet Movie and Muppets In Space last night and this morning, so the weekend hasn't been a total waste.

We also attended a birthday party yesterday for one of Jane's schoolmates. Our prospective in-laws were there. I don't know if I mentioned that Jane is engaged? She met a little boy in preschool and for the past two years, the two have referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, even when they went months and months without seeing each other. Theirs is a deep and abiding love, apparently. Even though they spent most of the time at the party just following each other around and not talking. (A deep and abiding and mostly SILENT love.)

Actually, Jane just asked me to call and set up a play with her fiance. And she said, "What's his last name, again?" I told her. "So, that's going to be MY last name? Because I think we're getting married."


hokgardner said…
Hee. I divide the world into two categories, and these categories have never steered me wrong - those who get Monty Python and those who don't.
Stefanie said…
Hokgardner, I may start applying that to my life.

Jane is just so adorable! I asked her about her boyfriend this summer and the question I remember asking was "Does he know he's your boyfriend?" "Um... No."
DK said…
Awww, mazeltov!