It Was Fun While It Lasted

Oh, gosh, that Land of Denial is just such a comfortable place in which to dwell. I hadn't realized quite how much time I was spending there lately until several things sort of jumped up and smacked me upside the head. Here's one:

Last week, my husband bought me a heart rate monitor. I'd been really wanting one--or so I thought --because for the last five years or so, I'd used his and his was set for his body. So, he's bigger than I am (not by much but I'll take it) so when he exercises he burns a lot more calories. Plus, he's so fit that his resting heart rate is about 47 beats per minute --I'm not joking. Mine is almost twice that. Which means that when I put his heart rate monitor on, just by sitting on the couch, I'm working within his fitness zone.


It was a lovely little fantasy and I'm going to miss it.

You know all this riding my bicycle on the trainer that I've been doing?

It turns out that I've been cheating and I didn't even know it. Because today, I really did work in my fitness zone--I worked at 45% of my maximum heart rate according the HR monitor -- and by the end of 15 minutes I was making such horrific sounds that both dogs came running into the back room to stare at me, full of concern.

It doesn't add to the glamour of the moment that I was watching Divine Design on HGTV while I was pedaling and the host of that is Candice Olson, who is at least seven feet tall and weighs all of 30 pounds. "Candice, for goodness sake, " I muttered. "Have a croissant."

Reality 1, Barb 0.


Ei said…
ROFL...I'm with you on all counts. Particularly Candace.
I don't know, I still think denial is a nice place to be.
N. Maria said…
I just stopped laughing long enough to comment.
I can just see your dogs looking at you!
I think the same thing when I was Candace. She's incredibly talented and I wish she would come do my whole house!
N. Maria said…
I can't believe I misspelled Candice's name wrong!
Barb Matijevich said…
Dude, I did the same thing and I have a book of hers! I don't think she reads the blog though, so you're safe. Of course, I could be in denial.