Love (My Camera) Thursday


Happy, happy, happy happy, happy, happy.

Ladies and Gentleman (Hi, honey!), I present to you the first picture taken with my new, incredibly awesome, Canon Digital Rebel XTi. This one is for Lisa.

It took me a while to dial everything in. I mean, not that I have, by a long shot, learned everything I need to learn about it but to get the flash batteries charged up and the camera battery charged up and install the software and then... well, I took these pictures and it made all the wine abstinence and Starbucks withdrawal and the fact that I'm going to actually have to do some self promotion and sell some of my writing or my hair or something, all worth it.

My old friend, Sydney.

(I don't know if I ever explained that you can click on the pictures in my blog and see BIGGER pictures but you can. Only, I haven't quite figured out how to make them open in a new window so you'll have to use your back button to come back here.)

I took a bunch of other pictures, too of things like, um, children and my spouse and the cats and Scout. And other cleaning products. But I know that what YOU'RE really interested in is this:

The progress on my latest sock. (Which isn't very impressive because I wasn't kidding when I told you that I was too sick to knit.)

Have I mentioned how happy I am? And really, feeling much better. Life is good.

Love Thursday.

PS: Edited to include the link to the post that talked about the yarn. I should have known all of you knitters would want to know that!


Anonymous said…
your dog is ADORABLE!!
Mrs.Q said…
Congratulations on your new arrival! (PS - I LOVE the colours in those socks!)
Anonymous said…
That's beautiful yarn. What is it?
hokgardner said…
What pattern are you using?
Barb Matijevich said…
I edited the post to include the link to the post that talked about the yarn. (Very complicated and there is a simpler way but I've been working with first graders all morning and my brain is fried.) The pattern is the Bamboo Walking Sock, which is easy and really beautiful. The post below the correction post talks about it and has a link, I think.

Sydney is still a little tilted after her stroke but I think she's doing pretty well. And oh, how I love that face!

Back to the school for my second round of volunteer duty. Love Thursday is very big on volunteering for me.
Lovely sock. Try not to be jealous, but I may get to see the Yarn Harlot tonight. If I can find the bookstore she's appearing at, and if I can sneak out of here. I am very, very excited.
hokgardner said…
My mom saw that Yarn Harlot last night and has been gushing about it all morning. She even bought a souvenier t-shirt.
Anonymous said…
I'm puttin' that camera on my Xmas list...I'm TOTALLY jealous.
DK said…
Nice. Nice.

And awwwww, Sydney!
Amanda said…
Sydney (my late lovely girl cat was named Sydney, after the Sydney Olympics announcement the month I got her) is a lovely old dog. And shares the same "Lady! Stop it with the damn camera!" expression after many photos as my cats do.

This post explains the target=blank code which is what enables you to open a new window from a clicked link.

Blogger comments won't allow me to paste the HTML, so I'm sending you a separate email about that.
Mrs.Q said…
Well - I only just found you, and I love your blog too, so I guess we're even! Hoping I can get to (read: beat the DH to!) the computer long enough this weekend to start reading your story, am most curious about it. How many pictures have you taken by now?
Ei said…
Do you know any cute men that might buy me that camera for Christmas too? I checked my boys piggy banks and they are falling woefully low so I don't think I can ask them.

Or, hey, screw it. If I can't have the camera, send the cute man anyway.