This Just In

After visiting THIS Bee and Wasp site, I now know that the flying insects that stung Sydney were, in fact, Yellow Jacket Wasps.

I fished one of the ones I took off Syd out of the trash and took a picture of it.

I'm pretty sure that's a Yellow Jacket.

There now, doesn't that just make much more sense? My husband didn't swallow a BEE, he swallowed a Yellow Jacket Wasp! Perfectly clear now.

Actually, he said that he just waded into that swarm of wasps without any regard for protecting himself at all. He was so focused on getting our frail old dog out of there that he wasn't paying attention to what was happening to HIM. You gotta love a man who will take a bullet wasp sting to save an old dog.

At least I do. Love Thursday.


DK said…
Oh. I love him too. I'm swear when I find me a worthy man I'm going to send him to Coop to be educated in the fine points of husbanding (different that husbandry).

( verification word was "sowthd". That seems like it should be a, since I moved to the Carolinas, I've been getting Southed and learning words like "scrimps"....)
Anonymous said…
If only there were more people like that! Give him a smooch from the rest of us animal lovers:)
Amanda said…
oh man, yellow jackets are nasty little sods! Cooper definitely gets bundles of points for taking them on for your auld dog.