Home Again --er--well, Austin Again, Anyway

We're back in Austin. It was a whirlwind trip, I saw my husband for ALMOST 48 hours, there were many, many, MANY pictures taken and one unbelievably dense chocolate cake consumed. A sock was knit and another cast on. I couldn't have been more proud of how my children behaved--seriously. I didn't even bribe them, much.

Tomorrow, my neighbors are holding a coffee in my honor because we're moving starting the following Monday. And the prospective buyers of our house are holding the inspection in hopes that they will find things wrong that cost many thousands of our dollars to fix. After all of that is finished, I'll tell you about our weekend and how fun and heartbreaking it was and how my closest brother stood out in his front yard and waved goodbye to our car until we were out of sight.

Here's a photo to tide you over:


Stefanie said…
Barb, I have to say that is one of the most beautiful pictures of you, (and Mark, Ana, and Jane)that I have ever seen.

...I'm going to miss yall!!!
Mon said…
I really love your blog, I just found it last week and I'm really enjoying reading it.

Beautiful picture!
TheOneTrueSue said…
BARB! How can I be friends with someone who is both an excellent writer, witty AND thin and pretty?

Life is not fair! (stomps upstairs and slams the door to her room)
DK said…

Now, if only y'all had managed that picture three months ago, you would've had the perfect Christmas card photo! Ah well.

Glad it was a good weekend. I know this week is going to be rough, but know that I'm here for you.
I still say you don't need to lose weight (judging from the picture). Buy bigger clothes instead. And don't look at yourself naked in the mirror - no 40-something woman can pass that test!

dk is right - use that for the Christmas card this year.
LaDonna said…
Yep, I vote for using the photo for this year's Christmas cards, too!! What a fantastic shot! Your family is just so beautiful :)

And oh, it breaks my heart to think of your brother waving in the front yard as you drove out of site. I promise, hon, this is the hardest part. From now, until you leave and all of the goodbyes. Once you're there, you'll be so busy, you won't have time to think about it for awhile.

Good luck with the inspection! Hugs to you and all of the Coopers!
Rene Perez said…
What a great picture! I know how it is with brothers. When my brother visited from Georgia, I hugged him and didn't want to let go. :-(
Ei said…
Gawd what a pretty family.

Hugs mama. Enjoy the love coming your way this week. Best of luck with the inspection.