Haircuts and Failures

Every year, we have our old dog Sydney partially shaved for the summer. Every year, we are amazed at how thin she really is. And every year, she gets a bit embarrassed by the hair cut and she mopes about for a day or so.

I think it's the pink bow that gets to her.

I discovered several failures on my part today. One is that I forgot to submit some important paperwork for Jane and she didn't get tested for the GT program. I was hoping that if she made it in, it might be the thing that lit her academic fire, so to speak. She's very into the social side of things at school and NOT very interested in, say, following directions and applying herself. I'm sure I'm to blame for THAT, too.

My other really large failure today was one of self control. I went to Hill Country Weavers... and just lost all ability to add in my head. It's amazing that I've only made one pair (Well, one and a half pairs) of socks and already I have to put myself on a stash diet.

And then, too, I failed to ask the nice lady to wind my sock yarn into balls --I didn't want to bother her. Because I'm a idiot. Because I would rather spend my afternoon detangling THIS.


Tiffany said…
Sixteen years ago when my (sadly now deceased) beige toy poodle was young, he used to follow me into the bathroom every morning and I'd pick him up and pet him. On the morning after his first serious haircut, when he was transformed from a Benji-looking little thing into something like a tiny reindeer, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and immediately buried his head in my shoulder. I never had the heart to do it again, even the summer we drove to Georgia in my 1979 Mustang and it was so hot that when I poured him a bowl of water, he lay down with his head in it.

I don't even knit, but I know this: children love to roll yarn.

And I AM disorganized and have a child who Does Not Bring Home Notes, so I know that there is usually a back-up provision if you miss something like that testing.