Okay, I finished the table runner, f-word fringe and all. And I made some progress on Lisa's scarf so I thought that maybe I had bought myself enough decent Karma to cast on some socks.

Because I'm such a novice, the pattern I bought didn't really explain much to me. To wit: Work in the r Ribbing: K1P1 or K2 P2 for 1". Then st st for 9" or con ribbing for 10" (Slouch Variation: 1 n sport weight after K1P1 for 1"; place marker & do 6 rows of P, 6 rows of K etc.)


I went on-line and found a pretend sock to knit. Well, not pretend but a practice sock. It was only supposed to be 3 inches high or something and the directions said to use scrap since it was just practice but I really, really, really wanted to use my new sock wool. (It's blue. I'm in a (black and) blue period.) I cast on with those double pointy needles. I divided the stitches. And then I had no freaking idea what to do. I don't even know why the needles are double pointy.

I did, however, learn to do hyperlinks today. And put my husband on a plane to Seattle, leaving only my mother and me to cope. Let's say we missed him and leave it at that.