Sock Remorse and Gifts

So, last night, when we didn't get to go to the Austin Family Magazine Fifteenth Birthday Celebration (the less said about why the better) and when we were watching the six hundredth viewing of The Return of the Jedi, I finished Ana's sock.

Unfortunately, it didn't fit her. Jane put it on and it fit HER but she didn't like it.

I did NOT say the F-word. In fact, I wasn't even tempted because in all honesty, it's not that great of a sock. I did a short ribbed cuff and then I did this striping thing but I didn't actually know what I was doing so this is what it looks like on the side where the color switches happened.

I was sort of hoping that when I washed it, it would magically disappear and the uneven stitches would sort of smooth out. Plus, since I was modifying the sock to fit a child's foot, I got off on my numbers of stitches and the heel turned out kind of funky. I don't really want to make the other one (actually, I'm not sure I can since I sort of made this one up as I went and didn't take notes and it turns out that knitting is not like cooking--at least knitting socks --because at some point, you HAVE to replicate the recipe--er--sock. I'm sure this is an important lesson to have learned NOW, before I try to make a sweater or something.) so maybe I'll just put this into a pile (which I'm sure will grow much bigger) of Bad Knitting Ideas I've Had.

Did I mention I'm still on crutches? And that I still have The Itch? I'm a little bummed out and I didn't even mention Recent Experiences With Vomit. I think maybe I have a classic case of Sock Remorse.

HOWEVER, even I cannot sink into the Sock Doldrums because my friend/knitting mentor Kit sent me a package. She actually sent it twice because the first one arrived EMPTY. Would you look at THIS?? I know she spent a fortune, twice no less, but aside from that, how did she know exactly what would be helpful and how did she know that the bamboo yarn would make me completely enter gimbal lock and begin to drool?

I always get so embarrassed whenever anyone gives me anything and a really overwhelmingly generous present like this makes feel really... squishy and panicked or something inside. Like, I want to give it back and say, "There is no way I am worthy of this." It's funny, I don't feel that way when I GIVE presents at all but I always feel unworthy of being given something. And like I need to give away my... car in return. When I just squished all over myself saying thank you, Kit just said, "well, pay it forward." Kit is... well, the person we all want to be when we grow up.

Anyway, I'm going to be paying it forward. Right now I only have a somewhat defective single sock to give away but just you wait.


Anonymous said…
I'll take it! I'm sure, like your book, it will be very valuable one of these days!