Recycling Day

It's trash day. Tuesday.

I am sitting on the front sofa where I can see out the window (and get better wireless connectivity for some reason) and I am typing like mad because I don't want to look up and catch the eye of any of the Recycling Pick Up Guys.

I am always a bit embarrassed as how much we put out on Tuesdays. Yes, I know it's RECYCLING and therefore not as bad as if we threw it all away. (As an aside, recycling is so easy, I am always stunned when I find out that one of my friends doesn't do it. I mean, what's the worst part? That you have recycling lying about all over? Surely that's better than trash??) But there is always so MUCH at our house. I don't remember drinking that much wine or water or juice or opening those cans of soup and veggies (maybe I drank too much wine to remember.) (I do remember using that much laundry detergent, thank you very much.) When did that much paper come INTO the house, much less go OUT and if that much has gone out, why doesn't my house look neater?

There, whew, they're gone. I can type at a normal speed now. On this, my paperless blog, which doesn't do much except clutter the cyberwaves.

I do have to say that now that I'm so into blogging, and knitting, it's a bit shocking to me how many blogs are out there. When we were at the beach, my dad was trying to understand the whole blogging phenomena. He was amazed and stunned and slightly horrified to find out that people spent time writing about their lives and interests and pets and that other people SPENT TIME READING THEM. "Who has time to read about other people's lives in blogs?" he wondered.



That would be me.

One funny thing about the Knitting Culture (KC) is that virtually every knitter out there has a blog. I guess you need one to talk about your knitting because GOD KNOWS your husband not only not going to listen when you start talking about knitting but he's going to look slightly alarmed. My own husband keeps making suggestions about other things I could do with this down time while my foot is healing. "You know, I was thinking that if you wnated to learn to play the guitar, this might be a good time." I put his inability to understand the power of knitting down to the fact that he hasn't received a hand-knit pair of socks yet. Once he does and actually wears them, he'll see the error of his thinking. (He is right--I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar but you can't do that for hours while watching HGTV, now can you?)

Plus, only other knitters can understand how knitting can be exciting. Honestly, it really is! This morning I was looking at some yarn on-line (my friend Rebecca is clearing out all of her knitting supplies) and I was searching out ways to cast on a toe-up sock (which seems to be my nemesis) and I suddenly became aware that my heart rate was slightly elevated! I know, I know --trust me, I'm not telling my husband THAT. But other knitters --the whole KC? They get that.

I'm still running behind on my work so I'm not knitting very much right now anyway. I did just wash the pair of socks I knitted. Washed them by hand, which I normally refuse to do, especially WOOL by hand because it smells like a wet sheep but if anything happened to my first, and thus far only, pair of hand-knitted socks, I would have to cry. I did manage to splash water all down the front of my pants. Good thing the Recycling Pick Up Guys can't see THAT.


Anonymous said…
Hee hee. You should check on the Stamping Culture (SC) - it's HUGE. And I totally get the whole excitement (of course I do). I can't tell you how excited I get when I finish a card. I know that 2 hours start to finish - for 1 card is a total waste of time when I could be doing so many more important things, but it's the thrill. Oh and I changed my name back so you wouldn't get confused.
Anonymous said…
I am a trash shouldn't be embarassed by the amount you generate as you know someone will always put out more.

We actually get a lot of women who are home during the day stopping to watch as we take the garbage. You ever see the garbage truck working?
Anonymous said…
I have not - yet - figured out blogging. Knitting I can do. Working on a baby sweater today.