Is This Going to be a Knitting Blog?

I am not setting out to write a knitting blog, although it seems to have been pretty successful for the Yarn Harlot. Of course, she's a KNITTER, so maybe that's something of a distinction there. I'm not sure what I am and what I'm doing with all of this (unbelievably cool, lush colored) wool I have but it's probably not considered knitting.

I am, however --deep breath -- going to undertake knitting some socks. I bought the wool and needles today. A friend on a list I'm on assures me that after about three weeks, I will stop poking myself in the wrists with those dang double pointy needles and I will learn to love them.

On the foot front, over the weekend, my toes turned blue. I am convinced that God thinks it's enough of a joke that I SOUND like a Smurf and that I'm not destined to actually LOOK like one. So, I took some pictures and sent them to my doctor who called and asked if there was clear blood flow to the toes. "Well, I THINK so." (You know, given that the toes haven't actually FALLEN OFF or anything.)

Apparently, if there is blood flow to the toes, it's perfectly normal. So there you have it. Blue toes. And I also have all these other technicolor bruises that are popping up. I wonder what the kids think I'm doing when they can't see me. Maybe they think my husband is beating me. Jane came down this morning and announced that her father had SPANKED her. She was very offended when I laughed and suggested that she had misinterpreted something.

Anyway, I did get out yesterday to go to Hill Country Weavers. Let's all bow our heads in a moment of silence in honor of my soon to be departed check book. I got Spam yesterday with a subject line, "Molten Frugality." Exactly.

I bought wool for the --deep breath-- socks and then bought some new yarn for Lisa's scarf. If I can get the picture to upload, I'll show you the work in progress. In honor of the Yarn Harlot (who is my new hero) I photographed it with my bandaged foot. (Granted, her photography with her socks in progress are much more attractive but if you look closely, you can see my blue toes. Can the Harlot say THAT? I think not.