Socks and Violence

I finished the other sock so now I have a PAIR. I can only wear one at a time, but that might change as soon as Thursday. Life is good.

My husband has a race (the Cactus Tri) this morning and he got up early. Since it was my first time sleeping upstairs since my surgery, and only my second time up the stairs at all, I was really nervous about coming down by myself. I thought if I tried it while he was there spotting me, it would be safer.

I didn't factor in the lack of coffee/brain function at that time of morning and on the very first step, I fell. Luckily I didn't fall forward (although that's where my horrified spouse was standing) but unfortunately, I caught myself right on my injured foot. I managed not to scream (the kids were still asleep) but I dropped my crutch and lowered myself onto my rear and ended up coming down the steps that way, one step at a time on my butt, like babies do.

The foot is very tender. I iced it for a while, sitting on the couch, while my husband got his stuff together for the race and brought me coffee and hovered over me. (As if I hadn't caused him enough worry--I know he doesn't feel near as prepared as he'd like to be going into this race.) It was quite the adrenaline rush to start the day. (I may need a nap soon.)

But anyway, while I was sitting there and the sun was just barely climbing into the sky, I finished my second sock. It's infinitely better than the first one--for one thing, I finally "get" the Kitchener's stitch so the toes look a lot more like toes and less like a square ziploc zipper.

I don't know why I am getting such a kick out of this knitting thing--it is just so much fun. My husband jokes that I am putting some small child laborer out of business but I think he's impressed. Last night, we took the kids out to eat at Central Market and while I was waiting for my food, I knitted. I was sort of glammed up-- I had huge curly hair and make-up on and a big pair of sunglasses because we were sitting outside. Beloved Spouse was checking on the kids at the playground and came walking back up and stopped short. "It's like seeing Jackie O knitting," he said.

I really love that kind of hyperbole in a man. I just BEAMED. (I guess I'm a cheap date but maybe the "Twice a Week" rule has ancillary benefits.)

I'm casting on a pair of socks for him as soon as I finish this post. Race hard, Coop. I love you.


Anonymous said…
OOOWWW! Are you sure your foot is o.k? I just about barfed on my keyboard when I read that you landed on your poor, healing foot.

I was listening to Patty's CD again (the one you gave me) after not listening to it for over a year. I forgot how wonderful it was. In case I forgot to thank you, THANKS!

Love you.....GO COOP!
Anonymous said…
I know you're unconventional, but it is customary, I believe, to have the..uh...FEET before you make socks for them...
Anonymous said…
What a great pair of first socks! And oh my gosh, I cringed reading about your trip down the stairs.

I'd be smitten by that Jackie O. comment too. Imagine what you'd get for 3 times a week.