Losing the Will to Blog

I'm trying to link my blog to my website and having a really hard time. Then I'm trying to create some links to other sites from my blog and I'm having a very hard time.

Even a shower and some gummy bears have not restored my will to live after battling with this stupid computer stuff.

It scares me that my husband deals with this kind of carp (yes, I know it says, "Carp." I was reading something and someone had misspelled "crap" and I decided that carp was much more descriptive anyway so that's what I'm using from now on. But I digress.) all day long and is still the very model of patience.


Tiffany said…
This is only an amateur opinion, but I suspect it's because you're...knitting. Slowly put down the needles, take a step backward, and turn toward your keyboard...