Just in case you were wondering.

It's been raining all day.

It's completely impossible to carry an umbrella while on crutches.

Nothing looks more stupid than a woman on crutches in the pouring rain wearing the huge plastic boot she has to wear in the shower.

Unless it's that woman, on crutches in the pouring rain with that huge honkin' plastic boot, carrying a pink Princess backpack.

And her knitting.


Tiffany said…
I'm not laughing at you.


I promise.

But you reminded me of a time when my daughter was about six and I walked to pick her up at a birthday party a few blocks away. When I got there, she asked if she could stay longer, and I said she could, and she handed me a red balloon and said, "Take my balloon home."

Being a mom, I thought nothing of it--aren't we always pulling plastic ponies out of our pockets unexpectedly and going out in dramatic mismatched jewelry because it was a gift?


Anyway, I walked home with the red balloon.

Every single person I passed smiled and greeted me.

Later, I told this story to my mother, and said, "Apparently, people look at you differently if you're carrying a red balloon."

And she said, "They probably thought you were retarded or something."