Noun Gloominess

Well, actually, I'm not experiencing noun gloominess but that was the subject line of some Spam I got and it stuck with me. I have felt it before--this noun gloominess. I totally credit The Yarn Harlot with getting me out of any noun gloominess and into the noun light--it was after I started reading her archives that I started writing again. And I'm not even a knitter!

Well, not yet. Today, my mother is taking my crutches and me to the Hill Country Weavers yarn store, after which I am sure an obsession will be born. I'm taking my camera, sure that I need to document my first trip there. Maybe I'll riff off of the Harlot and take a picture of my toes. (I just wrote "take a picture of my nouns." Need coffee. Much, much more coffee.)

So far today, I would like to note here (as opposed to issuing a press release,) I have showered, washed my hair AND shaved my leg. Well, two knees but only one leg. At any rate, it's a first since the surgery, which was, exactly one week ago today.