I Inactive (Spam subject line)

April 9, 2007

I finished Lisa's scarf while at the beach. I only need to go back to Hill Country Weavers to pick out yarn for her fringe. I'm thinking that maybe I'll do some sort of metallic green --you know, something with bling. Lisa is all about hip happening, trendy and super-cool. She's an artist and a graphic designer and did the cover for my book, the Mermaid's Purse.

Disappointment Cracker -- another Spam headline. I just find them fascinating, which keeps me for banging my head against a brick wall when I have to download 1,000 messages from my work e-mail like last night, and 900 of them are Spam. And I'm really frustrated with the Spam filter because it keeps eating messages I actually really and truly WANT--like people subscribing to my column, So the thing is.... I've lost at least three this month (if you subscribed and didn't get a note from me, please write me again.) Anyway, the reason I feel like I've been handed a Disappointment Cracker is that my sock is not going so well. In fact, one of the Yarn Harlot's nice commentator's wrote me offering knitting advice and I was forced to write back that the giant sucking sound coming from the south that everyone associates with NAFTA is really coming from Austin Texas and my knitting. Here it is, along with Thomas the Big Fat Kitty (which you MUST say in a Louis Armstrong/Cookie Monster kind of voice if you are saying it. You just have to. I don't make the rules.) I tried to get one with the foot, too but you can't see the truly huge holes in the sock in those.

(Well, I couldn't get the picture to post in the proper place. Another Disappointment Cracker.)

I am dying to sit here and drink a cup of coffee and tell you all about our beach trip and the freakishly cold weather but it will have to wait until later because I MUST get some work done on my actual real job. I might not have mentioned it but I am the Editor of Austin Family Magazine and all of our editorial content is due today to the graphic designer. Guess I better start it, then, huh?

Her bedimmed,