Definitely Not Normal

I found out today that I had hurt someone's feelings and I didn't even mean to! Repeatedly, actually, and I didn't know it. After apologizing profusely and trying to explain myself, I still felt terrible. So I decided that since there was nothing else I could do, I would think of all the strange things that make me laugh.

It seems as though I am reminded daily that my sense of humor is odd (and probably getting odder.) Here are ten things I find funny that make people look at me, cock their heads, squint and say, "huh."

1. My shower curtain has a "Dry Clean Only" tag on it.

2. I have a strong faith in God but I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a RIOT. I even got the car emblem although I'm afraid to put it on my car. Maybe I think it's so funny because I make so much spaghetti, I don't know.

3. The hiccups always make me laugh. OTHER PEOPLE'S hiccups make me laugh. I used to laugh when the baby in my stomach would get the hiccups. I know, I know... weird.

4. I think cats are just natural comedians. Not just when they are playing -but when they are purring or snoring or even fighting. Our two cats are very laid back cats but they fight sometimes. No one ever gets hurt but I was pretty astonished to learn that the fur really does FLY when they fight. When Thomas gets really happy, his purr sounds like a cross between a wheeze, a locomotive and a badly tuned lawn mower. Edward thinks he's invisible when he's trying to sneak up on something.

5. The honest, righteous indignation of babies when they are disappointed or angry. That bottom lip thing--it kills me! (Do you think the fact that I laughed when my kids were tiny and enraged will contribute to their need for therapy when they are older?)

6. Jane does this one voice that sounds like she has marbles in her mouth. I don't know where she learned that or why it's so funny but it makes me giggle.

7. Speaking of Jane, her belly laughs are deeply contagious. I wish I could bottle them.

8. The other morning as we were getting ready for school, Ana was making Beaker noises--you know, like from the Muppets? It's a little high-pitched for pre-dawn and I asked her to stop. "Ana, that's REALLY annoying," I said. So, naturally, Jane started doing it, too and I retreated to some catatonic state while they knocked themselves out trying to out-Beaker each other. Then we got into the car and some bickering between the two started and I said, "Please stop fighting or I will have to do THIS" and I did my own little Beaker impersonation. Ana didn't even miss a beat. "You're right, Mom. That IS really annoying."

9. Okay, okay, I admit it. Scout makes me laugh. The submissive urination (sorry Kathy) thing, not so much. But his goofy, all out, bang into stuff, hit him in the back of the head with the tennis ball enthusiasm for the world is FUNNY. Deeply funny. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But positive and funny damp.

10. My friend Tiffany got Spam --not even randomly generated Spam --that had a subject line that said, "Grass Seed: Buy one, get one free."


hokgardner said…
I think I'm going to become a pastafarian. It's exactly in tune with my sense of silly.
Ei said…
I happen to belong to a select group of feminist Pastifarians who believe truly madly deeply in the fertility powers of marinara sauce...just sayin' be careful. "I've been noodled" is a common joyous claim. I'm South Beaching right now. Do you think I'll fall from grace?

I have a child who is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. It truly didn't phase me for a second that you have two cats named after engines (and oh don't bother to tell me that they aren't...I've been brain washed too) that sound like engines. You get what you ask for.

I'm sleepy, can you tell?
Susan said…
Oh, Barb, your sense of humor and mine are so alike that I just know we'd have a great time together! Thanks for the giggles after a long day.
Here's one for you. I have a Dachshund puppy. Dachshunds are not built to swim. When they try, they roll over in the water like kayaks. Am I the only one who finds this hysterical?
Barb Matijevich said…
Oh, Susan, that's a wonderful visual--I can just picture your dachshund. (Well, I visited your site and I REALLY can picture your dog but I mean I can totally see the dachshund=kayak rollover.) It made me laugh out loud!

Ei--of COURSE my cats are named after trains --Jane named them and she was very specific about it. She won't let us call them by a shortened for of the name, either, although when she's not around, my husband calls Edward "Eddie V." (for Edward Van Halen) and I call Thomas "Sweet T." We don't dare let Jane hear us, though. (Are you really South Beaching? How's that going?)

Heather, you've given me the courage to place the FSM emblem on my car. Given that Jane already scratched her name into the paint, if a fundamentalist keys my car, it probably won't even be noticable!
DK said…
Ahh, Barb. These are the reasons I like you so much. Well, ten of them, anyway.

I highly support putting the FSM emblem on your car! I keep wanting to get a "Buddy Christ" myself (ever see Dogma?), but sadly, the Liberty just doesn't have the dashboard for it.

And dude, how can I get that grass seed deal?!
Anonymous said…
Sky loves the Flying Spaghetti Monster. To me, the fact you love the FSM speaks to your faith. I would think it is the people who are insecure in their belief who would feel the most threatened by something like that. Sorta like how lots of Republicans seem to be afraid of gay people.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and Sky gave me this shirt for Christmas.

I am afraid of being shot. You know where I live. ;-) Email if you'd like it, I've never worn it. :(
Anonymous said…
Hi, Barb,
Let's see, my son was what, 3? when a teeny tiny little yellow Lego thing (not even big enough to be a block, it just fits on one block bump and is a transparent yellow, meant to look like a flashing light maybe) managed to find its way up my son's nose. Oops. Come on kid, blow. Nope, can't blow the nose yet. It's my mucus and I don't you to take it out of me.

La de dah, to the "Doc in a box" urgent care center. On the one hand embarrassed. On the other hand happy as heck we're there for a lego in the nose and not for pneumonia, broken finger, high fever, or any other good reason to be at the doctor's. I'd rather be at the doctor's for a bad reason.
And no, I didn't get to keep the thingie. Course he's 16 now so when he was 3, there weren't such things as blogs.

Sarah S.
Ei said…
I just started the South Beach thing again this week...I did it a few years ago with amazing results. So sad really, I was doing so good with my South Beaching, Fly Ladying, and general being totally completely happying and my grandfather died and, well, it all sort of slipped through the cracks in my greiving and other stuff. So anyway, short story long, ask me how I'm doing in a few weeks. I think I finally busted the carb craving today. That feels pretty good.