Oh, Look, It's a Monsoon. Let's Drive Home In It!

We're home.

After about, oh, the third hour of rain of Biblical proportions, my husband said, "I feel like we've spent all summer driving in the rain."

He loves a good understatement.

But we made it and our menagerie is intact and happy to see us. Jane actually helped unload her stuff because I told her she couldn't watch TV until she had unpacked everything and eaten. Ah, the cooperation of the properly bribed!

But I am no hypocrite (at least today.) My new camera lens was waiting for me when I got home and I refused to let myself open it until I had unpacked and started the laundry. Aren't you impressed?

I had to get a new lens because my other one developed the dreaded Error 99, which is when the Canon lens is having connection issues. There is no cure. Once it stops connecting, you have to send it back to the company.

I've bought the same lens twice because Jane broke my first one, so I didn't feel like buying it again. I took a page from my husband's book and actually did the research. I love photography and I love, LOVE my camera. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about it except trial and error stuff, despite the fact that I have now taken, are you ready? 13,024 pictures with my camera. Seriously. The numbering started over again and everything.

This is the lens I got. All of the reviews said that this was a great portrait lens and that's mostly what I shoot.

The obligatory Pet Pictures

Here's the obligatory sock photo of my latest sock, which is the same old Bamboo Walking Sock pattern. I've knitted this sock at least four times. I don't know why but for the really exquisite hand-painted yarn of which I am so enamored, this pattern works best. It's easy, almost mindless knitting but not so boring as the 2X2 ribbing to knit.

This yarn... dudes. It is...a gift to be able to knit with it. With every stitch I kept marvelling at the depth of this color. It's Monarch Knit Paint.

Obligatory cork picture:

And the rain.

It's good to be home.


Candy said…
OMG... the freaking rain... it. just. never. ends. HATE IT.

What kinda camera do you have? I have an awesome outdoor camera, but it takes crappy indoor pictures, so I'm searching around for one. I'm leaning towards the Rebel.
Suna Kendall said…
The worst rain I ever drove in was between the coast and Austin, and that is not a fun set of roads to drive through in the rain.

And I am from Florida, land of hard rain.

But the hard rain here is amazing. Like solid water sometimes.
Barb Matijevich said…
And may we just have a moment of silence for the people who refuse to turn on their lights in the rain? It's so asinine--you could barely see the car ahead of you anyway, but there was always at least one person puttering along without lights. Oh, don't get me started--this is exactly why people won't invite me to parties anymore.
Rain? Where? Where? I was so jealous when I saw that picture! What I'd give for a cozy rainy day.
Barb Matijevich said…
It sounds just wonderful to me, too, but the thing is that we don't have "cozy rainy days" in Texas. We have hot humid flash floods that wash away your topsoil and break out your skylights and then we also have drought.

Everything is so extreme here. It's a very weird place. When we visited Seattle, I saw cozy rain and I loved it --true knitting weather. Here, not so much. And it's like some sort of cruel joke that we've had the wettest spring and summer on record --or dating back to 1920-something --because, of course, first I was on crutches for six weeks and since then I've been in this boot that I do not want to get wet because it smells so bad.

I'm learning some good patience, though. And by the time my foot is healed, we'll be ready to take on a whole new dump truck full of topsoil!
I remember those rains well...but I'd still love one right about now.
DK said…

Dig the new lens. And the pets. And the rain shot was loveley, especially since it was taken...at home.