Avert Your Eyes

My foot is really coming along and I'm going to post some pictures of it at the end of this post, along with a better picture of my SIP (Sock In Progress). Actually, although I've been blogging in my head almost non-stop, now that I'm sitting here in front of my computer, I can't remember anything I wanted to say.

I wish I wasn't going senile.

I'm sure it's just coincidence that my mother-in-law is visiting.

So, I've been thinking further about why people write and read blogs and I started thinking how much I enjoy reading my friend Kathy's blog. (Her name for her blog came from finding a note that her daughter had written her that said, "Your a rel HORE" an innocent misspelling of "HERO" but hysterically funny in that way that unwitting kids' jokes often are.) Kathy lives in Toronto (so does the Yarn Harlot --do you think maybe I have a thing for Canadians?) and I haven't seen her since 2004. Still, she's one of my closest friends --a person who "gets" me and my strange sense of humor and the fact that I'm a wine snob and hopeless at math. She likes me anyway and I so, so, so love her. I want to move in right next door to her and watch her kids when she's late from work or bring her dinner because I always make too much.

So, for me, reading her blog and seeing what she's thinking and doing and "hearing" her voice as she writes brings me closer to her. It's the same with my friend Tiffany, although I don't want to live next to Tiffany. I love her madly but ours is a relationship of words --she edited my book-- and if we lived next door, it wouldn't make any difference, we'd still be sitting in our houses side by side, e-mailing each other. I like reading her blog because it makes me really think. Like, she just posted this piece which questioned whether the immediacy of blogging made writers less likely to play the publishing game. My answer is that it does and I need to get back to work! (Dang.)

But first, some updated pictures. (Don't look at the last two if you're squeamish.)


Anonymous said…
Oh my GOB! (as Mark would say). I guess that is healing well and the first thing that popped into my head when I see those pictures is "GOB! That must be itchy!" Are you allowed to put cream on it? Have you tried Aveeno Anti-itch - it worked well when I had shingles. Thank you for the wonderful post....I love, love love you too!
Sarah said…
"Struggling to learn to live in my head,
in my body and in this world,
all at the same time.
It's not as easy as you'd think."

This is totally not related to your post at all - I think I copied this quote from an e-mail that you sent to an online shop, The Knitting Zone, a while back. Was it indeed you that had it in your e-mail? May I use it in my own private blog?

Thank you
Barb Matijevich said…
It's on my blog under my description --the About Me part. I don't believe I've ever sent it out as part of an e-mail anywhere but I am part of the Socknitters Board and if you ever followed a link to my blog from there, that's probably where you saw it. You're welcome to quote me as long as you attribute! Like all writers, I am big on attribution. (Which is why I copyright all of my stuff.)

You didn't leave an e-mail address and there doesn't seem to be a link to one on your Blogger profile so i hope you get this--since this post is so old.

Sarah said…
Hmm, I'm not sure then where I saw it. I googled it today to see if I could find the author and that's how I came upon your blog. I'm not sure why it linked me to such an old post.

Thank you for allowing me the use, I will make sure I list you as the originator. My blog is private, set to only allow myself to read, but as a writer, I also like knowing where I got things from :-)

Maybe someday, I'll get back to the socknitters list.