Home Again, Home Again, Home Again...ZZZZZ

Well, here I am. Back at Ye Old Keyboard.

I thought about not coming home --not because I didn't miss my kids because I didn't.

(Oh, you guys! I'm kidding! Just kidding. I did miss them. Who'd a thunk it?)

But I thought about just staying on the airplane and flying all over the country because my husband, the most thoughtful human ever, upgraded my seats to First Class using some points he had handy.

In my 42 years, I've NEVER flown First Class. And I have flown a LOT.

I don't know how to say this delicately, but flying First Class doesn't suck. The only thing missing was my husband because when you're completely LOVING an experience, you want to share it with someone you love, right?

Of course, at first I tried to be all nonchalant, like I've flown First Class all my life but you know, after the flight attendant had to show me where the tray table was, the jig was up. So, I had a mimosa. But only one, because I was knitting that damn Tidal Wave sock and I am easily confused on it. I did take a break from knitting in order to recline my seat back to where I was practically letting all the blood rush to my head and I took a nice snooze with my blankie that I didn't even have to ask for. Then when I woke up, there was that lovely flight attendant to offer me a hot towel and a breath mint.

I might have told her I loved her.

I had a stop in Dallas, which was fine because my husband had even upgraded the two-minute flight from Dallas to Austin to First Class.

I have to confess something, though. Before you judge me harshly, please read to the end of the story.

When I sat down in my seat on flight to Austin, my seat mate was on the phone. She said, "Hi, this is {Satan} and I'm just getting on the plane so I'll be later than anticipated. I have a rental car so I'll just meet you..."

Her name wasn't really Satan. But it was the name of a person I do not care for very much and do you want to know how infantile and childish I am? I disliked this person based totally on the fact that she had the same name as this other person who isn't so nice. And she asked about my knitting, in what I interpreted as a pejorative way because you know how some people can say, "Oh, what are you knitting?" and sound really...

Completely normal?

Like a nice, interested person?

Yeah, I'm crazy. She was PERFECTLY nice. I found out exactly HOW nice when I had this freak accident with a knitting needle and it flew through the air and landed beside my seat and in my scrabbling around to get it, I somehow pushed it up into the nether region of the aircraft. It's probably in the black box even as we speak. Thank God I didn't put anyone's eye out.

So, I couldn't knit any further on the Tidal Wave sock, but I had some new yarn I purchased in Seattle (WHAT? So, SUE ME! I had a rental car and a GPS--it's not like I was gonna hang out at the Courtyard Inn, right?) and I had the needles that were the proper size to knit with that but first I had to wind it into a ball.

So, I draped it around my knees and wound it and I looked completely freaking ridiculous doing it.

But even though I'd snubbed her earlier ("What are you knitting?" "A sock." The "You wanna make something of it?" was implied.) she said, "Now, why do you have to wind it into a ball?"

And I explained that it gets tangled if you try to knit it off of a skein so you have to wind it into a ball and then I said that I'd been knitting on the other sock but I'd lost a needle in a freak way and she looked honestly stricken at the thought of my loss.

So, we ended up having this great talk all the way to Austin and I found out that she lives in Manila with her husband but that her family lives in Austin and her sister is a knitter. (I did not hold it against her that she said, "OR a crocheter, I don't know." Because by then, I was hers, you know. She'd totally won me over. The name of Satan has been redeemed.)

(Well, metaphorically speaking.)

I'll tell you more about the trip tomorrow. It was awesome.