In Which I do Not Even MENTION Feces...

I've been being a real mom today.

As opposed to the Mom Who Tries to Get Other Things Done. Consequently, I have gotten nothing done today and am dang tired.

But oh.

It was a fun day.

Ana had a friend over for most of the day but it seems as though JANE'S friends are all out of town on the last of the summer trips. And she's such a little social butterfly, she's been sort of lonely. She actually asked ME to play with her.

We played a lot of Balloon Lagoon. (Now there's a song that will be featured prominently on the sound track in Hell.)

Both of my girls are so used to me whipping out a camera that they don't even flinch anymore. But that doesn't mean they actually... um, cooperate, either.

I took all the girls ice skating. AND, I remembered my camera, even though the pictures aren't great. I should Photoshop them a bit but I really am wiped out. Jane learned to go backward on skates. She's very proud of herself.

Ana spent the time going between her friend and her sister, which was a nice big sister thing to do, actually.

She had a good time, I think.

Doesn't Ana look so grown up these days?

Jane and I also watched Elmo in Grouchland today. Both of my girls feel that movie is just WAY TOO SCARY, being as how it has to do with a LOST BLANKIE and all. But we toughed it out.

Quote of the Day:

Jane, trying to get me to cave on the issue of buying Bratz: "Mom, they have some Bratz that are SMILING."

Barb: "I don't care, Jane. I am not going to buy any Bratz dolls."

Jane: "Why noooottttt?"

Barb: "Because I don't need anything else in this house that can be called a 'brat.' they have bad attitudes and they make me crabby just looking at them. I don't think they are wholesome dolls for you to play with."

Jane: "Okay, but when you die I am going to buy a LOT of them."

Barb: "Fine with me. You can buy them when I'm dead."

Jane, reflectively (for her): "But Mom? I would miss you if you died."

Oh, I'm all warm and fuzzy.


Candy said…
Bratz are outlawed here too. I hate those dolls. They look like little teenage sluts. Sorry, call me a fuddy duddy, but no way. Not happening. Gah, when did our 4 year olds get so freaking big? And Ana... wow...
Barb Matijevich said…
Ana told me that they all have pierced belly-buttons. WTF? Just what are they selling there? I'm not against pierced navels on adults who have given it some thought --to-each his own--but I am very opposed to marketing aimed at making little kids grow up too fast. I want my little girls to be little girls before they think they have to wear belly shirts and hip huggers. I saw a little girl the other day--we're talking six or seven; eight tops -- who was wearing hip huggers so low that if she'd had any pubic hair, she would have had to shave. My girls don't even have pierced EARS.

Okay, sorry, it's a pet peeve and it's always been a pet peeve. When I was in college, I ran a dance studio and I can remember having to absolutely put my foot down so that one of the instructors didn't costume her fifth-grade dancers in dog collars. Good GRIEF!

I can't believe my baby is going to be SEVEN in October. I guess you know that feeling even if he's not technically the BABY of the family...
Candy said…
Yeah, I choose to dress and act pretty conservatively. I don't expect my children to make the same choice -- once they are 18 and not living under my roof. Until then, too bad and my first major no-break rule is NO BRATZ DOLLS.

And of course, I meant 6 year olds above. Bah... My brain loses itself now and then ;)

But yeah... they are so big. Jamie amazes me each and every day (and yes, he certainly is my baby - even if he hates it when I call him that!)