Hello From Gorgeous (Rainy) Seattle!

Um. It's raining here. But it's a DRY rain.

No, seriously, I'm not sure how it does this in Seattle but it's raining without humidity. I can prove it, ready?

You know how normally my hair needs its own zip code on the average rainy day in Austin? Well, maybe you don't. But trust me I could make Chaka Khan look like she needs a perm.

Here's my hair in the Seattle humidity: That's almost straight hair for me. Are you just totally fascinated?

I know that Rockstories was kidding in the comments when she suggested that it would be really funny if I gave Leslie (our cousin and good friend and the hostess of our great trip and the mother to the unbelievably adorable Theaux) only one sock but um, well, I only really had ONE sock to give her. She had the best reaction to receiving a hand-knitted sock that it has ever been my pleasure to witness, although it is true that she's the only person I've ever seen receiving only ONE sock at a time. But I hadn't finished the second one yet. Leslie spent the whole time we were at dinner alternating feet with that one lone sock. I took a picture but now I can't find it. Here she is after I finished the second sock and she got to wear BOTH of them, though. I like to think it made the whole experience that much more special because she had to get them one at a time. (Work with me here.)

Okay, I have to run because we are heading out for another day of sightseeing and wine drinking. (Did you know how many wineries there are in Washington? More than in Napa Valley!

Dude. If the median price of houses in the Seattle area wasn't $481,000, I might think about moving here.)

I leave you with this--an image of a pig. There are artistic pigs all over downtown. I asked Leslie why there were pigs all over downtown and she said, "well, you know how some cities have things sort of like city symbols stationed all over town."

I looked at her like she was crazy. And then I remembered that Austin has these. Funny, I hadn't even paid much attention to the ten-foot-high guitars all over downtown Austin.

I "Kinneared" it.


hokgardner said…
I love the Kinnearing pictures, both yours and the yarn harlot's. I'm going to try it on our vacation, too. We're headed to S. Padre provided the hurricane doesn't hit there.
Anonymous said…
Hey! I was in Seattle last week, too. I guess you missed the nice days. Monday through Wednesday were gorgeous! As for the pigs, we lived out there when they were displaying them prior to their Big Pig Auction, and I have more pictures of my daughter (4 at the time) with every pig we could possibly find in the city of Seattle. And there were a LOT!
DK said…
I'm mostly fascinated by your hair in how totally jealous of it I am...but I agree, that phenomenon of Seattle weather is almost equally pondersome. And both are very cool.

The socks rock, too. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ha Ha! I was admiring your photograph with your hair down and thinking, my she's a pretty girl kinda reminding me of a Leonardo type painting. And then I saw the foot photo. Ha! I think this is so funny. I love wearing socks myself. Once a year I go shopping for twenty to twenty-five pairs of socks.