isms, no. 245

Jane is making a train with the chairs from the dining room. She is making signs of all the stops:

1. Chinatown. (This is a favorite restaurant as well as an actual place so I'm not sure which she means.)

2. Bosten (Sometimes spelled Bostin.)

3. Calafonya

4. thraeguils (Threadgills is also the name of a restaurant --a Southern food soul-food kinda place. It's her favorite restaurant.)

5. Paradice (I knew there was a way to get there.)

6. Hollywud (I also know where Jane is getting off and staying.)
In other news, Ana started and finished the final Harry Potter book today. In six hours, with breaks for going swimming and eating. She is nine years old.

I haven't finished it yet.

Today, Jane was mad at me about something so she wrote me a note and then when I didn't come to seek her out, she delivered it to me:

"Jane is not avalabol. She is hiding onder her cuvrs cus she is so misr-rbl. She is crud and hugrey."

Translation: Jane is not available. She is hiding under her covers because she is so miserable. She is cold and hungry."

As a final parting shot, she said, "And I didn't even say that I was LONELY."

Proper footwear for a conductor:

Another thing we discovered today is that the Magnetic Polly Pockets will stick to the refrigerator.

The two she chose are missing arms. I don't know what that means.


Candy said…
Yeah, I don't ask questions about the missing parts of toys and stuff... it kind of freaks me out. I'm pretty sure my kids are gonna grow up to be mass murderers sometimes.
Anonymous said…
GOSH they stick to the refrigerator!!!!!!!

they probably stick because i have some and i noticed that they have magnets in their shoulders that hold the magnetic dresses or dress on, so the magnet is probably exposed. most likely the dolls with two arms don't
have exposed magnets so they don't stick.
Damsel said…
mmmmm.... Threadgills..... darn you.

Love the pics!
Heidi Malott said…
Let me guess...another rainy day? At least it aids in getting creative, or in our case, also more sibling fighting. I love your blog. Thanks for mentioning the Pioneer Woman blog yesterday. It is always nice to see us mothers are not alone.
Barb Matijevich said…

I was waiting to test out your theory and I have big news. I finally went upstairs and found a Polly (actually, a Lila) who was magnetic AND still had both arms. I tried to stick her to the 'fridge and was shocked because, at first she wouldn't stick. I thought, "yeah, Tori had a good theory there."

But then, guess what?? I turned her upside down AND SHE STUCK. And then she stuck right side up!

It amazes me that the Polly Pockets have strong enough magnets in them to stick to the 'fridge, even when fully clothed. I never would have known that! Thanks for writing.