Not Out of the Woods Yet

Well, that's not true. Eddy V is indeed out of the woods in the most literal sense but unfortunately, he's not in the clear.

Let me sum it up for you. In my ten years as a parent and my lifetime as a pet owner, I have learned one very big lesson: Poop Must Happen.

I don't mean to paraphrase a detestable bumper sticker (try explaining that one to your new young reader.) I mean it quite literally: poop better happen and if it doesn't, you're in a heap of worry.

Poop is not happening for Edward so we are back to the Vet in a few minutes. My lovely angel Vet cannot do a radiograph like Edward needs so we can see if there is another blockage in his intestines so we have to take him to a "stationary" vet. I LIKE the typical vet service we use but they don't make me feel like they're channelling Steinbeck, if you know what I mean.

I'll keep you posted and I won't ask you to pray for poop. But a little postiive energy directed at my little kitty would probably do us all a world of good.


hokgardner said…
Ah just give Edward some prunes, like I do the baby. : )