Um, hello, love Thursday, dang it.

Hey, we're on vacation!

Well, okay, we're not technically on vacation YET but we're heading out at dark-thirty in the morning and I'll be having a Bloody Mary on the plane at about 9:00 AM. (Just kidding--I can get one in the airport bar before the plane takes off. No! Seriously, I'm kidding because I'm under pressure to finish knitting this sock, which is a hostess gift. Of course, if they confiscate my needles on the plane (which could happen from what I've read) I will be the one singing the flight attendant's instructions to the tune of "Take This Job and Shove It." Was there ever a better drunk song?)

(Time for another Famous Digression (we should all be famous for SOMETHING): Once, back in the days when there was an airline called Muse Air, I got on a plane that held about 100 Shriners, and, well, ME. At this time, Muse Air had free drinks.

And the Shriners all had whistles.

I was speaking in tongues by the time we landed. And this was just a flight from Dallas to Midland.

Muse Air subsequently went out of business.)

So, my husband and I are heading out to Seattle in the morning. He has a business...thing and I'm going along to bask in weather that doesn't have three digits when people talk about the temperature. And, it's good to get away for a bit, just the two of us. We don't ever do that --preferring to spend our vacations torturing each other with visits to our respective families (just kidding, Families!). We need some time to reconnect because the stress of life is a heavy weight on a relationship, I think.


I'm having some issues with my foot after physical therapy today (Did I tell you all that my Physical Therapist can sing the SpongeBob Square Pants theme song in Spanish? And that he's, um, really cute? and that today I had to bounce on one of those mini-trampoline things and after 20 seconds, I almost saw my life flash before my eyes because I am so grossly out of shape now?)so I'm going to be in my boot for at least tomorrow. Which is always fun going through security. (Man, by the time you look at my five double-pointed sock knitting needles and then look at my Stalin-esque walking boot, it's clear I'm going to be detained.) After PT, I cleaned house for, like, a million hours because my parents were coming down to stay with the girls and then there was this fiasco with Jane and her forgotten piano books and now I can't bend my second toe. Apparently, that's an important toe to use in walking because I am all ...verklempt.

More about all this tomorrow. Plus pictures of the finished sock (God and the FAA willing) and SEATTLE!

I'll post more from the road, if at all possible.


Anonymous said…
We're having Christmas far from the relatives this year. Not Christmas with my family, not Christmas with his family. Christmas with OUR family. Just him, the kids, and me, plus a kilo of fresh prawns and some cold beers (you haven't lived until you've had an Aussie Christmas on the beach! I haven't lived yet, this is a first for me... for us...)

Anyway, my point is: have fun in Seattle and don't let the small matter of your foot get in the way of plenty of good sex.

PS It's already Friday night here and I'm onto my thrid glass of wine... can hyou tell???
Suna Kendall said…
Well, I hope the physical relations haven't started yet. You should still be on the plane right now. Have a great trip. Buy yarn.
Anonymous said…
Um. A "work thing" in Seattle. You better call me or email me as soon as you get back!
Tiffany said…
So I'm pretty sure the hostess gift is really a PAIR of socks, but "this sock, which is a hostess gift" made me laugh out loud--I'm still imagining you presenting your hostess with A sock, and her reaction. It's so entertaining that if you weren't already gone, I'd dare you to do it.
Knitting Rose said…
Ohh Have fun!!! I love Seattle and want to go back.. I read a lot of your blog today - it is great.
Anonymous said…
Um, Barb? Did you know tht it uh, RAINS quite a bit here?
Seriously though, I hope you and your hubby have a great time. As for internet access, get thee to a Tully's coffee shop! Oh, and there are some great yarn stores too....
Barb did indeed present the hostess with a sock. I'm the hostess! It is now the morning after and I've had the sock on one foot or the other since Barb gave it to me last night. (I have to keep switching feet so nobody feels left out or jealous, of course.) This sock is amazing. It's like my feet knew it was coming, too, because on a whim my daughter and I decided to give ourselves pedicures, complete with a wash and peppermint lotion, while we waited for our guests to arrive. I was just polishing the last little toe when Mark and Barb walked through the door. And then... the SOCK! Wow! Right onto a freshly groomed foot, where it stayed even through dinner at a restaurant. I only took it off to walk in my flip flops. My feet are truly in love...
Anonymous said…
I liked your Muse Air story and was wishing for more after reading it. Can you fill in the blanks a little more on that story? I used to work for Muse Air in Midland!

Barb Matijevich said…
Um, I'd fill in the story if I could REMEMBER it but basically, I got on this plane with a huge group of Shriners who had whistles and I drank my weight in rum and Diet Coke, because those whistles were making me want to kill someone. Someone wearing a funny hat.

I LOVED Muse Air. This was back before the non-smoking days of air travel and I flew them as often as I could because there was no smoking on any Muse flights. Love that.